the moral of the story here is THINK BEFORE YOU STEAL

for fear of giving up blogging altogether i'm going to be become a photoblogger for awhile.

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you're just a defenseless woman

boy that was a very long camping trip was it not?

no, actually we had a great time, i just came home and started a week of menstrual migraines that coincided with my kids' spring break. nice, huh? yeah, pretty sucky.

the kids caught 77, no i've been corrected. 78 salamanders in le pond de leroy. max-ay even said it didn't feel like camping because we slept in an old, run-down single-wide mobile home instead of a tent! man, i ruined that kid when i took him dry camping @ rialto beach and had him poop over a board last summer!!
going on a salamander hunt

i knew i would spend the kids' spring break in pain, getting over pain, or feeling the effects of drugs, so that's one of the reasons why we did something fun as soon as spring break started.

i must say, however, that even though i had four migraines that the pain level itself wasn't as bad as it has been in the past. i think the botox is helping with that.

one of the things i have noticed that has been surprising to me is now that the pain factor is more under control, is how distressing my other symptoms are. most importantly, lethargy, foggy thinking and especially sensitivity to noise. i didn't think i was sensitive to light but i've been noticing that more as well. i guess i've learned that migraines are not just pain. they are a whole set of symptoms that happen as a result of defunct activity in the brain.

nice huh?

don't ya just wish i could reach in my brain, flip a switch and make everything all better.

that's just not in the cards for me.

back to spring break~

i got a major project done in the midst of the migraine crap. i de-crapped the boys' bedroom. we rearranged beds, went through clothes, toys and closet. completely de-crapped the place. man did that feel good. so now, everyday, we are trying to stay on top of it. or i should say THEY are staying on top of it. the rule is: clothes, toys picked up and bed made before they get to watch t.v., etc.

so far, so good.

also i got my third round of botox last thursday. since i couldn't count on myself to be able to drive, i had my parents take me to Portland for the 5 min. procedure. max-ay was the only one brave enough to watch his mommy get shots in her head!! :P

(i just love it that i'm so tough~)

i told the kids before we left: Who wants to watch mommy be a super hero?

the girl immediately cringed and almost vomited.

the baby tried to stay in the room but panicked last minute and left.

max-ay was my super hero. but he hasn't really talked about what he saw. either it was no big deal or he was traumatized.

then, my parents took us all to the zoo. it was a remarkably warm day for the Pacific Northwest. mid-70's. we had a great time and my parents loved going. i took lots of photos so check them out: www.flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor

of course, i got a migraine by the time it was over but i was expecting that. THAT'S WHY I HAD MY PARENTS DRIVE!!!!

however, my injection kicked in by the time i got home and i was able to go out to dinner @ the Thai restaraunt with the family.

i ate a burger
potential installment for the next edition of "Everybody Poops"

now that was mean of me wasn't it??

i have something else that's been rolling around in my brain but i'll save that for my next post. i've been spending so much time on my pictures over at flickr that i've really neglected my blog.

oh! this is very exciting. i am taking the train to Seattle next weekend. i've been asked to shoot photos for a 2008 calendar benefitting MEOW. it's a non-profit group that works w/ cat rescue.

my gradeschool chum and fellow flickr friend www.flickr.com/photos/stephjaychrisben hooked me up w/ this group that she works with. actually, she asked a bunch of these people if they wanted to buy my 2007 calendar and they said, can she make a calendar about animals? so they stole my calendar fundraising idea and asked me to volunteer to shoot the photos.

i am so excited, wish me luck!!