Cookie Recipes for my Camping Friends

The CameraDawktor Family met some wonderful new people @ our campout to Ft. Steven's State Park this weekend. Our friends from church, LeRoy and Jenny invited us. She asked me to bring some salsa because LeRoy inhales it like a vaccumme cleaner! I offered to make buttermilk coffeecake, and when I heard homemade cookies were being served, I offered to make a few dozen.

Our new friends said they loved me, I don't know if that was because of my winning personality, or because of the snickerdoodles they were eating. Anyway, I hope we are invited back next year. Even though it rained virtually the ENTIRE time, a great time was had by all.

If you are not interested in the recipes, please ignore, but here are the recipes as promised to my new camping friends.

This photo is of the toffee bars, not the greatest picture, but you get the idea!

Here's the link for a wonderful chocolate chip bar cookie from Hershey's called Rich Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars : http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/recipes/detail.asp?id=3225&page=10&per=10&category_id=5

Here's the link for a fantastic snickerdoodle cookie I got from www.bakingsheet.blogspot.com :
Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles http://cookie.allrecipes.com/az/MrsSiggSnckrddls.asp

Here's the link for my Mother's famous coffee cake, I posted it back in February: http://troublealwayshasadoor.blogspot.com/2006/02/buttermilk-coffee-cake-dutch-bros.html

And last but not least, the CameraDawktor's Salsa recipe:

Memorial Day 2006

Memorial Day 2006
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My little family had a fantastic Memorial Weekend. We went camping with our friends LeRoy and Jenny. They, along with her mother, some cousins, and family friends, have camped at Ft. Steven's State Park in Hammond, Oregon for about the last 12 years.

It's a great campground, but I haven't gone there too many times. I had no idea that they put on quite the millitary display for the Memorial Weekend holiday. I didn't take many pictures of us actually camping, because it was so wet and I wanted to protect my camera. I'll probably upload some photos of the kids camping tomorrow.

Once the rain let up for a while, we went to the bunkers, rode an army transport vehicle for a guided tour, went to the Museum, watched the cannons go off and see the people in Civil War dress.

I thought the Fort was built for WWI, but evidentally, President Lincoln wanted the Columbia River and the inland passage to the West Coast protected during the Civil War, so he ordered Ft. Steven's to be built. Combined with Forts Columbia and Canby on the Washington side, the mouth of the Columbia is completely protected.

I enjoy History, so I had a blast exploring the bunkers and seeing the people dressed in their old uniforms.

My kids must be true-blue campers, because it literally rained almost the entire time. The only complaints I heard from any of them (in this case my boys), was that they HAD to wear their jackets to keep their clothes dry.

When you live around here, what's a little rain, I mean, we rarely even use umbrellas! So they really fought me on having to wear their coats.

My friend Jenny taught me to knit. I am excited about that because I bought some Alpaca yarn last summer to knit a scarf, so I've been wanting to learn. I've got a long way to go, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Meyers D was doing pretty good learning too.

Yesterday I had so much laundry to do from camping, that I think my washer and dreyer were running from 8a.m. to 10p.m. I'm still not done yet, but have given myself a break from that this morning.

Please feel free to click on the photo mosaic and get a better look @ my weekend from flickr.


BTFF: Camping and Riding Bikes

Me Learning to Ride A Bike
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Well, it's Friday folks so I've got to go back to the past. I was always, still am....little! I can't believe they made a bike small enough for me. I think I learned when I was four.

I was five here and this is @ Ike Kinswa in Washington State near Lake Mayfield. This was pretty much my parent's favorite place to take us camping, especially after Mt. St. Helen's blew up and ruined our favorite spot near Spirit Lake!

I always loved camping, being outside, making Jiffy Pop, eating those tiny boxes of cereal that come in a pack (my mom never bought that sugary stuff otherwise) and having my Dad's attention. See, my Dad is a hard-worker and his only let-down time seemed to be when he went camping.

We also had a little fiberglass fishing boat that we'd fish from on Silver Lake and up @ Spirit Lake before Mt. St. Helen's blew. I remember it being 5 a.m., the sun barely up and that big gorgeous mountain in the background, picking huckleberries and then WHAMO, big blow-up volcano style, no more trips to camp @ the Mt.!!!!!!!

So we are going camping tomorrow and I'll take a picture like this of TSE as he is learning to ride a bike now. The past is never very far away from us!


SPF: Depression or Thinking About Auschwitz, However you Choose to Look @ It

Wonderful Kristine has opened her heart again and has willingly shared with everyone her struggles. You've got to admire that! She says that today's SPF is "sort of" based on Auschwitz, but for me, I think she has brilliantly chosen subjects that, in my eyes, speak a lot about depression. And that's what SPF's all about, looking @ subjects through your eyes. So check her out over @ www.randomandodd.com and play too!

Kristin said, "…but unless my depression is carring a gun, i will no longer be a prisoner." Eloquent words, great, awesome, brilliant. It's attitudes like this that movtivate you to function while you are trapped in depression's grips. But the cool thing is that depression doesn't always have to be a lifelong sentence. For me, I accepted the diagnose/s. Took my meds (and trust me I ended up with quite the cocktail) on the clock, everyday. It helped me function through 4 REALLY ROUGH YEARS. But so many things started to change for me, and as crazy as it was, I decided to start going off some of the meds, carefully, one at a time, and was perfectly willing to go back on if I needed, if my family felt I needed to.

Going off was hard, sometimes I had withdrawl symptoms. On one med it took over 3 months to get off, I had vomiting, it was a mess. But it wasn't helping me, hadn't ever helped me and I didn't want to keep taking it just because I couldn't get off.

Anyway, you're probably wondering why I'm going into all this, but 1) I'm honoring Kristine's frankness with like 2) I think my experiences can help others 3) it has so much to do with why I'm going to post the next series of pictures 4) it's my blog and damn it I'll do what I want to, ha!

To make an extremely long story shorter, there's been many things that have helped me over the past year and a half. All of them were important pieces in the puzzle for me "coming back to myself." The best one, for you whose ears are really perked up right now, was a $300 device called a CES machine. That stands for cranial electronic stimulation, and in two weeks it transformed my life. Really it did. Check it out @ www.cesultra.com granted, I was really doing pretty good by then, but this was like the icing on the cake. I won't go into all the details of what it does and how it helps but please e-mail me if you want to know more about it. It may take me until next Tues. to get back to you because of the busy weekend but I WILL!! Definitely check out the link though.

Back to SPF. I think Kristine's choices were brilliant and have a lot more to do with depression than Auschwitz. Although nothing on the planet could ever compare to surviving Auschwitz, those that suffer emotionally can also be called survivors. There are so many obstacles to overcome and so many things for families to overcome.

1. Your suitcase/s or travel bag.

Now, when thinking about the time I was suffering, my visual (picture) would look a lot different. I think I would post a bag with a bowling ball in it. Because that's pretty much what you are dragging around with you while you are supposed to be living your life, and sometimes, I hate to say it, even while you are taking medications that are supposed to help you.

I'm not anti medicine, believe me, its just sad but true facts!

So this backpack is for hiking, 'cause that's what life is, a journey. In it I have my CES machine, naturopathic serotonin/norepinephrine/lithium supplements, my Bible (need to open that more often but can't take the journey without it), good walking shoes, rain gear ('cause in life there may be a few downpours), a cell phone to call my "ground" for encouragement when the terrain gets rough. Also, maybe my fleece blanket and a good soft pillow, because you have to be willing to rest, some of us need more of it than others and on a long journey you've got to take care of yourself. Water and snacks....I think that's about all that would fit in here.

2. Your ground.

Now I know I should be thinking literal here. But remember, I'm thinking about Kristine's honesty about her depression.

This is my hubbo, my ground, my rock. He has loved me when I was quite unloveable. He remembered the great person I was and never doubted I'd come back, even when I was sure I'd never return.

He reminds me that pain is only temporary, is my advocate for me when I see the doctor about my migraines (long story but I have issues people...with doctors), and celebrates my victories with me.

During my worst times I couldn't receive his support, I was convinced that everything he said was criticsm, the fact is, I really don't know how he did it. He says that he never once thought of leaving....I just don't know how that's possible...seems super-human to me and I probably would have left. Not because I wanted to, but I just don't think I could take what he took.

I love our relationship now (so much thanks goes to the CES machine!) We are more in love now than when we first met. We have survived something that tears most couples apart, we know each other better, we know ourselves better. I am really truly thankful for that.

*He's sticking his tongue out at me 'cause he thinks I'm only taking his picture because somebody in blogland told me to take a picture of their husband. I said, "No, I'm bragging about you." He probably still thinks I was lying. He never reads this so WHATEVER!!!

3. Something you are powerless to. It’s only as hard as you make it.

I used to think I was powerless over migraines. Actually, I used to think I was powerless over a number of things. Even though it may "feel" like I'm powerless over them, I'm only powerless over when they occur, and to their frequency. Even in my pain I am not powerless anymore. This is one of the things that has transformed my life and mental/emotional health. I will not just lay back and suffer anymore. I will scream, yell (figures of speech here) and do whatever it takes to get someone to help me. When I get discouraged my "ground" stands up for me.

Believing there's a way out (Trouble ALWAYS has a door) and having faith that things can get better, this is power in a powerless position.

(This is a photo of me trying a mentholated patch during a migraine. Bugbites @ http://spaces.msn.com/bugbitesblog/ saw a woman wearing these, asked her about them and thought I should try it.) It helps a little bit when pain is minimal so I'm glad for them but really I need the narcotics!)

So here it is, my thoughts triggered by Kristine. Have a great SPF and holiday weekend. Let me know if you played!!!!


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Like this photo? To hear the story behind it click its link and read the photo description @ flickr.

I read this meme/thingamajiggy/whatchamadoodle over @ www.mama4joy.blogspot.com (Lawanda's Lovin' Life)

So thought I'd play to, here goes:

I AM: a survivor
I WANT: to have a life without chronic headaches
I HATE: weather over 95 degrees
I MISS: having the spare time to lay out in the sun and tan
I FEAR: having horrible migraines in Thailand
I HEAR: TSE playing with Meyer D's new Fly Pen
I WONDER: if my children will have to go to therapy because of me
I REGRET: not talking to my friend about our problems before things got so bad that we lost our friendship
I AM NOT: good at lying
I DANCE: not as well as Max-Ay
I SING: when I've sniffed too much marine paint, then I make up crazy-ass songs!
I CRY: when my feelings get hurt or I have too much pain
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a friend that knows how to handle the rough times or how to forgive when I've been lied to
I WRITE: on this blog and that's about it!
I CONFUSE: people when I seem so outgoing and then don't want to leave my house for a week
I NEED: a new CPU so I can burn discs and run my Adobe DVD-making program
I SHOULD: clean my laundry room
I START: watching what I eat and then tire of it
I FINISH: most of my sentences with a rhetorical !? or ?!

Let me know if you play too.


The Letter Game: Brought to you by the letter "W"

Got a challenge from Mama the other day @ www.DWJSDating.blogspot.com She saw this very cool game over @ Fantastagirl's and I decided I wanted to play too. Mama gave me the letter "W" for Washington, cause duh, that's where I live. Let me know if you want to play too and I'll give you a letter.

Here goes:

1) WHACKO--- A derogatory term I use when someone's behavior is annoying me. Such as, "(insert son's name here) is acting like a whacko!" My hubby doesn't like it when I say this. But Mama always said that the truth always hurts.

2) WHINE-O---A derogatory term I use on my kids when I can't understand what they're saying because of all the crying, complaining and whinning. Such as, "(insert youngest son's name here), quit being a whine-o."

3) WEIRDO---A derogatory term I use when whacko and whine-o don't apply. Geesh, I'm realizing that I can tend to be pretty negative here!

4) WINDOW---windows, I love them. I believe a house can never have too many windows. And I hate curtains and blinds, because I like to pretend that the outside is just an extension of my house....or am I an exhibitionist, I'm really not sure........

Anyway, I have 12 ft. french doors in my living room and an 8ft. picture window in my dining room. That was the biggest selling point on this house for me when we got it 4 years ago.

5) WWW---The world wide web is my new best friend. I have a lot of friends but really no "girlfriends" anymore. Maybe I ran them all off, I don't know....back to the subject....I am proud to say that my hubbo has finally moved up to his rightful spot as my best friend, so that is a good thing, the way it should be. HOWEVER, every gal needs some girlfriend so until I get some more in "real life" I have coffee, laugh, talk with my new best friend, the www.

6) WHISPER---something I ask my kids to do way too often because of migraines.

7) WASHER---I love my Maytag Neptun washing machine because it saves me big bucks on the water bill and the clothes are 3/4 dry when they come out. I also love the stainless steel-front Frigidaire dishWASHER my hubbo bought for me when we moved into this house. LOVE STAINLESS STEEL!!!!!

8) WEEKEND---Every weekend is a 3-day weekend for me 'cause the hubbo works 4 10's and gets Monday's off, so that's cool!

9) WHATEVER---when I say this, it doesn't mean like whatever you want dear or whatever you need....it means: I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU AND I AM NOW BLOWING YOU OFF!!!

10) WEDDING---On June 3rd our "old" babysitter is getting married and I'm the photographer. I am a wedding photographer virgin so wish me luck!

Also, my 15th wedding anniversary is on June 15th. Yay! We have survived each other through some real tough S&*! and love each other more than when we were infatuated and engaged. I think realizing that someone loves you in spite of yourself, through thick & thin, unconditionally, makes the deepest, hottest, sweetest kind of love. OK, I'll quite preachin'! Ha!

Weddings are great - if you are marrying the right person!

So thanks www.dwjsdating.blogspot.com and Fantastagirl, that was a superfun little whoopdidoo, game, whatchamathingy.



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Something to think about....

Sometimes we choose the paths our feet travel on (conciously or unconciously). They may be paths that are good and healthy, that build ourselves and others up, or we may choose ones that wind up at the destination called Trouble.

Other times, our feet may find themselves on paths that we would never, ever choose, but yet there we are. This is a difficult fact, but true. Life can bring many things our way that we just don't sign up for, but yet we are faced with walking them out, destination Unknown.

The first scenario affords us a luxury. If you find yourself on a path you've chosen and are unhappy with, you can get off at anytime. Of course, finding your way off may be difficult, but it is quite possible.

On the other hand, or foot so to speak, when on a path you've been forced to walk out, there is no getting off. You have to walk its course, however far, however long, until that part of your journey ends.

I have found myself on just this sort of path my whole life. Didn't choose it, didn't want it, don't like it, but yet here I am.

What's a girl to do when on such an unglamorous path?

Buy glamorous shoes, that's what!

No, in all seriousness, this has really been my life's struggle.

For a long time I was deluded enough to think that I was just a happy girl, skipping along on my little path, happy as a lark.

That was a big fat lie I had myself believing. Slowly, overtime, when the path became an uphill climb, rocky, dark, rainy and miserable, my happy-go-lucky delusion began to elude me. The oppressiveness of all the blackberry brambles on my path began to scratch me and as I bled, the journey became harder and harder to walk.

Extremely unglamorous my friends, very unglamorous.

In the darkest parts of the path, I truly felt I was all alone, abandoned, forgot about. I became so miserable that you just wouldn't have recognized me. I was quite hopeless.

I can see now, that at the times I felt most alone, I was surrounded by so much love, whether I could see it or not, whether I believed it or not.

Love sustained me. Maybe only by the skin-of-my-teeth, but it sustained me. Notice I didn't say that love got me off the path. I struggle with that sometimes, but less often than I used to. No, love didn't get me off the path, it just held my hand in the sunny parts, the shady parts and the dark and scarry parts.

Today I am thankful for the small things on my path.

I am thankful for shiney shoes that make me feel glamorous even when the path is a mine-field of cowpies.

I am thankful for tiny pebbles and agates that seem to jump out at me with their beauty on especially dark and rainy days, when the path is muddy.

I'm thankful for the people who walk with me for a while on my path, who will stop me for a hug break, or hold my hand part of the way.

I am thankful for the "I love you's" I hear, when the path gets so treacherous that I have to stop and take a break.

I am thankful for the smiles of strangers and loved ones that I encounter on my journey. And for kind words.

Sometimes on my path I have to really look hard for things to be thankful for, but they are always there, sometimes I just have to look harder. At other times, beautiful things just seem to jump out at me, in a sense screaming "hey look at me, I am here to bless you."

Finding beautiful moments on a difficult path can often be mind over matter. Some days its easier than others. Often times its just moment-by-moment.

Today I continue to walk, continue to put one foot in front of the other and look for simple treasures along the way. I try to keep my heart soft so the good moments can sink in and sustain me through the manure filled moments. Because as we all know, shit happens....

This public service announcement is brought to you by percocet and the letter P.

Message for the day: When encountering tough shit on your long journey, wear shiney shoes. You can always wash them off.


Exploding with Excitement, Just like the Spring and Summer of 1980!

Wow, all I can say is I'm buzzing. It only took a split second, a milisecond, and I've been sent on a journey back in time.

First I should start at the beginning. I woke up at 5 a.m. today. I wasn't feeling that great, and believe it or not I won't share the details with you! Not fun....anyway, I was also excited because we were going to wake the kids up and find a viewing spot for the implosion of Trojan.

To learn more about Trojan go here:

But, since I wasn't feeling super good, and since we flat out couldn't decide upon a spot that would be a great vantage point, we decided to do as the State Patrol recommended, to STAY HOME AND WATCH IT ON T.V. Boring, but good footage.

I was feeling like I was missing out on some of the excitement really, as I sat in my jammies with my crocheted hat on (in case I wanted to run outside and see if I could glimpse a dust cloud) with my morning coffee and doughnuts that my honey went and bought for me.

My kids were probably really wondering why Mom and Dad were getting so excited about watching the largest nuclear power site in the world to be blown up as of yet be BLOWN UP!!!

You see, they're too young. They just don't get it.

The reporters were discussing whether or not there would be any ground vibration, and if the explosion could or couldn't be heard. Since sound travels slow, they said it may take a while to hear anything.

So I'm sitting there enjoying the coffee, and we make sure the t.v. is turned up real loud, because we don't want to miss a thing, I get my camera ready to take pictures of the t.v. (next best thing to being there right?) and BOOM! Down she goes. Well, now that was exciting.

My husband and I look at each other and smile, with the kind of smile that says, "Well, not as exciting as 1980."

And the kids are happy, but they think its no big deal really.

And then, as I'm looking at my daughter we hear it.... the rumble...... even over the t.v.

That my friends was the moment. The moment where I felt like I was 8 again. I felt the thrill of Mt. St. Helen's. And my husband and I felt the excitement of little kids again.


Our kids thought we were weird, that it really wasn't that big of a noise, but they weren't there.

They didn't live it like we did.

Sometime I'll tell you my whole story, when I can find the old polaroids that my Mother took of me with a giant mushroom cloud boiling in back of me, the likes of seen only in Hiroshima.


Those were exciting times, when once every month and a half or so everyone ran out to the skies to watch God put on one of the greatest shows on earth.


You know, Man can create a lot of marvels. But to witness something massive, something spectacular and frightening, and to realize that you are so small, like an ant, a mere spec, is awe inspiring.

So they're not much, but here are my photos from the t.v. courtesty of KGW News 8 in Portland, Oregon.

And if you'd like to watch some t.v. footage you can go to my new baby @ http://inspiredimprovblogatorium.blogspot.com


My New Child with a Different Man: The Inspired Improv Blogatorium

*Gasp!* *Blush!*

How shameful, how perfectly horrible!

I know this is what you are all thinking, now that I have a new baby with a different father than my other children.

But I know how all of your sick little minds work, and your dying to see my new baby.



My Beloved Monster & Me: Blast from the past

Hey, check it out:

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Rob who writes about his daughter Schuyler that is able to hear but unable to speak (long story).

Anyway, his love for her is astounding, she's cuter than snot and just a brilliant child.

Today I stumble on over and he has a video link of her from when she's two and a half. Wonderful!

So I'd like to introduce you to him and his blog, please go check him out: My Beloved Monster & Me: Blast from the past and watch this video.....http://www.darn-tootin.com/2002.mov

You won't be sorry for making this guy one of your daily reads.

BTFF: My first car!

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It's been a while since I've posted a back to the future friday picture or two, so today I did some more editing in the archives and found this.

What a treasure!

My Dad bought me this little motorized bumper car when I was about 2. I've posted before about the sickle blood in my family, and as I was too young for a sickle yet, my Dad bought me this motorized contraption instead!

Now how does this apply to the future? Or now? Well, I developed a love for the wind in my hair, and speed. I was quite disappointed when they enacted the helmet law. I thought it was a crime!

Also, the sickle legacy goes on.....my brother just left this morning for his 3rd race in the Motorcross Racing circuit by Worcs. (www.worcsracing.com) Last time he took 3rd in his 30+ open class division.

His lovely bride let him go riding on Mother's Day and some guy hit him coming in the opposite direction, on a wooded dirt track. It was a blind corner. He flew ten feet and the other guy landed in a vine maple. He had to put well over $300 into repairs before he could race this weekend, and that was with a $180 friend's and family discount given him by his fellow racing buddy and owner of a local sickle shop.

So how do ya like my first car?

SPF: Wave of Modulation

Kristine @ www.randomandodd.com has done it again. She came up with some great topics for photography. Here are the assignments: 1. Something Discarded
2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.
3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

So here goes:
*these are all uploaded to my flickr site under this set: http://flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor/sets/72057594119589281/
Go there if you want to see the other pictures I took with these (Mother's Day set) or if you want to see the pictures bigger and read the descriptions I wrote for them.

1. Something discarded, is it my kid or something else, you decide.

2. Lay down on the ground and make something ugly beautiful.

OOOOH, I had fun with this one, my hubby thought I was nuts but I came up with quite a few good ones, here's the one I picked.

The cool part of this pic is the microscopic detail and blogger won't let you click on the picture and view it bigger, so you have to go here to really get this pic:

Finally, #3) take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

To be honest, I'm not sure I was completely successful at getting a photo that www.albertart.com a.k.a. www.ptheclown.com would take, but I know what he likes, what gets him jacked up so that's what I focused on.

I've went on and on about him before, about how he's inspired me...yada-yada. He's the ultimate rocker, the world's best hand-waving Jesus Freak drummer and all-around best adopted big broskii. He has given me permission to blog some of the daily photos he sends me with voice clips and such. Be looking for something from him soon!

Here's two in the style of Pee, my hero:

Did you play??????????????


Photo contest #3 Reminder

Originally uploaded by cameradawktor.
Don't forget to upload your favorite photo of your mom to your blog by midnight PST tonight!!!!

At this point, you will be the winner if you do because NO ONE HAS ENTERED!

This photo was taken by my daughter Meyers D.

TSE now stands for "The Stalking Executioner"

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Wow we've been having some fun around here. TSE (a.k.a. the stalking executioner) started off yesterday morning building a trap to catch squirrels. He stalked it with Frito Lay chip product, that was supposedly used successfully in a prior squirrel trapping experience. He also used 8 previously discarded by squirrel's Hazelnuts and a few sunflower seeds. All of this was his idea. And the thoughts just keep getting more profound and clever.

Then we were off to the garage to find a rope, and of course, that needed duct tape to secure it to the plastic trap.

Lots of fun and hours was spent yesterday with the squirrel trap.

Then this morning about 9 a.m. he disappeared outside for close to an hour. I guessed that he was tending that squirrel trap, but instead, he had built a bird trap.

Now he's upped the ante, and trying to catch a squirrel and a bird.

"What are you going to do with the squirrell if you catch it?" I asked him.

"I dunnow," he replied. Then moments later he said, "Well, either keep it as a pet or eat it..."

Hmmm.....I thought.

Today its been decided. Even though our neighbor the squirrell shooting nut protector would be disappointed in its life being spared, TSE thinks Herb should pay him $30 for catching a squirrel even though he's going to keep it as a pet. Interesting.....

So as the good mother I am I pray that mother's prayer: "Lord, please bless my son and knock his socks off, let him trap a squirrel....."

Even though I know that this means I'm going to have to find a cage.

So the husband calls at lunch and I whisper to him that he's interrupted our operation. I inform him that we are now trapping birds too, and explain that birdseed has been found, a good plastic box and sticks to cover the lid.

"What is he going to do if he catches one" he chuckles.

"Well, maybe its because I told him that bird would probably taste like chicken, but we're eating the bird and he wants to keep the squirrel as a pet," I explained giggling.

"I'd discourage the squirrel capture" he said.

Even though I know he's right, I mean, how would we ever keep a pet squirrel, the mother and kid in me wants the thrill of a successful capture. I mean, my 5 year-old would like be on Cloud Nine.

Just in case you are interested in trying this @ home, here's TSE's recipe for trapping squirrel and birds:

1) 2 sturdy plastic containers
2) 1 long rope
3) 1 good hiding spot from which to pull rope to activate trap
4) 1 roll of Duct Tape for fastening traps together and attaching rope.
5)sunflower seeds
Frito Lay chips
6) sticks to cover bird trap
7) 1 plastic red ax for scarring off unwanted large birds like crows and hawks
8) 1 toy gun for scarring off unwanted birds
9) 1good quality sling shot for scarring off birds
10) 2 authentic Davey Crockett hats (one for you and one for your Mom) so that you'll blend in with nature...and shoot, Davey always caught stuff
11) ham sandwhich, cause a good hunter gets real tired if he doesn't fuel up
12) a smile, because your gonna need patience as it takes hours and days to catch critters
13) one good Mama because she'll need to stand gaurd while you go for supplies, take potty breaks and important stuff like that

If you've got any questions, just send me an e-mail and we'll pose the question to the little expert here.

Also, photos of every stage of this operation are @ flickr, so just click the picture or the link you see here.

Wish us luck!!


Brownie Scones with Cream and Jam & Lavender Punch

Stephanie over @ Dispensing Happiness is having another Blog Party.


This one is a Garden Party. Funny, I had it in my mind that it was an English Tea so that's what I've been focusing on all this time! Oh well, I think my submission still fits a garden party theme. I was going to make a traditional type of scone, or maybe a cream scone, but when I saw the brownie scone in my Mother's "Simply Scones" cookbook I had to try that. I better not post the recipe for fear of reprisal, but it looks like you can get a used book for as little as $2.99 @ amazon.com Here's the link for the book.


I've gotten a lot of wonderful scone recipes from there, so I think the book is worth the purchase! There's also some recipes for different toppings and such, like lemon curd.

The scone recipe calls for making a 7" round out of the dough and cutting it into 8 squares. I made two 3 1/2 in. rounds and cut them into 4 pieces each. For a cocktail-style party you could cut them smaller.

It's probably not the "true" Devonshire cream, but here's how I made the cream topping for the scone.

I put 1 c. of cold heavy cream in my kitchenaid and whipped it for 10 min. Actually I let it go past the point of whipped cream, almost to a butter stage. While tastey, next time I would stop and leave it a little fluffier. I just like it better that way.

Last summer I made some homemade raspberry freezer jam so I put a generous dollop of cream on my hot scone that had been sliced in 1/2, and put about a Tbsp. of raspberry jam over the top. Absolutely heavenly.

Well, call me lazy but I'm babysitting an infant and don't feel like dragging him, myself and TSE to the store for the ingredients for lavender punch. So there's no picture folks but here's the link to the recipe, it sounds declicious and I actually do plan on making it....some day, maybe when I get some edible lavender. I have a plant but its not producing right now. http://www.discusscooking.com/forums/2891-post1.html

I decided to go with a tea punch for the drink with my scone because alcoholic punches can be served at an English tea. I was served champagne with strawberries at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada when I had high tea there. But usually I just drink tea, like an Earl Grey.

I chose this recipe because the combination of tea, lavender and mint sounds so refreshing! I have some fresh mint leaves too so I think it'll be great...when I make it! Sorry folks, and Stephanie I hope I don't get disqualified because I didn't make the drink!


Details about my Mother's Day

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Well, better late than never, but here's the details about my Mother's Day.

First off, I think this picture of my nephew is hillarious. Doesn't he looks like Yoda here?

Maybe its just me....

Mother's Day morning we went to church. I haven't been able to go that often lately because the music is really loud, there's a lot of people, and if I have a migraine or am starting to get one its not the place for me.

So I was really glad that I was feeling good, 100%, and I got to go. That was nice.

After we got home I had a little more housework to do, not too much, and my daughter really helped a lot.

In the late afternoon, my parents and brother's family came over for a little BBQ. I had made potato salad and deviled eggs the day before, so no cooking for me!

My sister-in-law had been out of town, so she brought the chicken. My hubby BBQ'd it on our brick outdoor BBQ. He used wood from an apple tree that we had cut down a few years ago, so it had a good smokey flavor.

My Mom brought some veggies, her famous Baked Beans and a homemade cherry pie. The family's fabulous cherry pie recipe is in the archives somewhere around Feb. 23rd 2006.

I got some great presents. A new bike from my hubby that I tried out yesterday. Fabulous! Now I can ride bikes with the kids when we go camping. And, maybe start getting some exercise!

My daughter made me a bracelet at school, TSE made me a card and Max-Ay made me a keychain out of beads. Lovely!

The best way to end a fantastic Mother's Day is to have the Survivor Finale. Oh man, we were so bummed when Terry didn't win that last challenge. Of course, we weren't too terribly surprised he didn't win. He's just too successful of a guy, most people hate that!

But Aras? Yikes! I can't imagine what he's going to do with a million bucks!

It was a great day, sunny and unseasonably warm for May in SW Washington. Yesterday evening I even had to turn on the air conditioning!

Hope your Mother's Days were great as well....

Oh! Please watch the slideshow of my Mother's Day photos.
View slideshow

Mother's Day Letter from my son Max-Ay

Aww....ain't this sweet?! He has to write in a journal every Friday, a letter to my husband and I and we have to write back and return it Monday. He's been signing things "your favorite child lately." Don't most kids think they are the least favored? He obviously isn't lacking in the self-confidence department! Ha!


Old Family Photo Mosaic

Old Family Photo Mosaic
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Happy Mother's Day!

I'm getting ready to have my parents and brother's family over for a BBQ today. Been working on a little slide show of the old family photos.

click on this picture and view the set of Old Family Photos as a slideshow.

I always enjoyed watching the family photo slideshow when I was a kid....travel down memory lane with us, it won't take too much time!

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day here, rare for Spring in the PNW. Hope you are all enjoying yours.


My favorite photo of my Mom

Dec2005 034
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I'd like to wow you with some black and white photo of my Mom that is very hip and very cool, it seems like I have lots of good pictures of her. But she doesn't really smile. At least, smile and show her teeth.

Maybe its because she had lots of tooth problems as a kid, I just don't know, but trust me, my favorite photo will be when I can actually see her pearly whites in a photo.

I try to not bug her about this, but it is really hard sometimes.....

Anyway, this is my favorite pic of my Mom. You have to appreciate the history around the picture to enjoy its specialness.

This was taken this past December, in my Grandparents' house in Arizona. Thanks to a benevolent benefactor, I was able to go to my Grammies' funeral service. On this trip, I think I stayed about 5 days, 1 day before the funeral and a few after. My Grandma's closet is at the back of the picture, and my Eskimo/Hawaiin cousin Robbie, her Italian/Eskimo Mom (my auntie), my mother and I were all in the bedroom, going through her clothes.

It seemed soon to do all this, but we were prepared for her passing for about 2 months, and my Grandfather is the type that wants things done yesterday, and he sure didn't want to do it.

Also, we were sure that all of us could use some of her things and the others would be donated to her fabulous church (yes, it is also WriterMom's Grandma's fabulous church!).

She had some old belts, handkerchiefs, fashionable/unfashionable jewelry, sports bras, socks, you name it. Well, some of it we thought....what the heck?! This was a lady that mainly cataloge shopped Lands End and Eddie Bauer. We girls were really teeheeing and laughing it up. You know, even though we were sad, and missing her, it still felt so good to giggle and say "what the ?!?" We would talk about her like she was still in the next room......

And then she did it.

My Mom put on some of this crazy stuff, found my Grandpa's cane and started striking a pose. I thought we were all going pee our pants. "Hold on," I said, "I've got to get a picture of this." She went out to the living room to show my Grandpopples her crazy attire and he looked at all of us like we were CRAZY. I'm sure we were, but we sure enjoyed the moment.

I love the expression on my Mom's face. She's trying to hold her laugh in because when she laughs really hard she starts crying. It's hillarious! And, if you look into her eyes, really look, you can see that although she is extremely happy, that she is also just as tired and sad.

Both of her parents are gone now. The Grandpa is her step-dad because her dad died when she was 19. Now her Mom's gone too and she got to take care of her the last 2 months of her life, but it was hard. REAL hard.

So there you have it. My favorite photo of my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day! If not to you, then the Mother who gave you life!!

Between now and Thursday, feel free to post your favorite photo of your Mom. As long as you took it, you can even scan it and upload it that way. It doesn't have to be recent. Also, if your kids have ever taken one of you that they like, upload that and enter it for them. Over the next few days I will probably be posting one by TSE and Meyers D.

But I don't count....only you do. So play, have fun and let's see those favorite pics....I know you've got'em!


Pictures of Mom Contest

Don't forget to post your favorite photo of your mom by Thrs. May 18, 2006. It must be up on your blog by 12 a.m. PST.

For details go here:

I was searching through the old picture archives from the 1970's, busily editing stuff for my mom. I found lots of cool pics that I will be uploading to flickr over the next few days, but this series I thought was really cute.

I loved playing with my little brother. We are 22 mos. apart. I did have a tendancy to pin him down though. My usual torture technique was to kiss him.

If you are only stopping by my blog today, Happy Mother's Day early....

My buddy Nick has a totally hillarious music video on his blog today, check it out! http://nickemery.blogspot.com/2006/05/real-survivor-music-video.html


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My two big toes. Sorry Christine, not very creatively wild and exciting today, but this is as good as it gets!

Let me know if you played!

Something I wish I had two more of

The darker photo with the newer computer is my computer that I use. I am going to be getting a new one in a couple of months, and if I was rich, I would get a laptop too, for mobile photos on the go. So even though I really want one more of this, I would take two.

My husband thinks I'm a freak with all my wants!!



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I've put this picture up before, but am using it for a submission on Christine's Stuff Portrait Friday @ www.randomandodd.com

It's hillarious so I'm glad to put it up again anyway. I've been getting a lot of hits on it over @ flickr.


Oh my stinkin' Gosh!

This photo totally depicts how I feel about Chris getting voted off of American Idol tonight...........think I'm still in shock.

Taylor is sure to win now, it will be nice to have someone new, unique and creative in the music business.

But I really thought Chris would be the next American Idol, so this comes as quite a shock.

Katharine better feel mighty glad right now. Her Dad probably called in a l,000 votes by himself!


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This player was spotted taking a brief catnap during his team's turn on the field. For a photo series of him click the link or the picture.

Baseball was great last night, and my new little pal Easton was playing her cousin again. I got a couple cutie-pie pictures of her.

Tonight its back to the ballpark again. I already told my kids that we're eating hamburgers there tonight. We do that at least once-a-week. The concession stand makes the BEST hamburgers, with sauce and everything. We love it. Always got to look forward to baseball season and a ballpark hamburger.

Saturday we have two games, so between now and Sunday I will squeeze in a little housework so we can do some Mother's Day BBQ/Partying here @ the CameraDawktor's house.

Yes, yes....don't even ask! Of course I'll take pictures of that!


Where you can find my post today

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You can find my posts in two places today. If you don't like hearing about my health concerns, don't go there. If you don't like hearing about female problems or pain, don't go there either.

Not trying to sound like a smartass, its just that really, some people don't want to hear about it, and I respect that!

Here: http://iammyowndoctor.blogspot.com/2006/05/levlen.html

And here: http://iammyowndoctor.blogspot.com/2006/05/step-in-right-direction.html



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My kids had the day off of school today. They had planned an extra day of school in case we missed one for snow, and we had no snow days this year.

So they got today off.

My daughter checked out a book at her school library about different painting techniques to do at home and wanted to do it Saturday morning. As you can see from what I posted, Saturday was a hugely busy day.

To appease her, I told her to get all the supplies ready and they could do it Monday.

So this picture is proof that I was good to my word. Click the link or the photo to see their wonderful creations. One was even special just for me! Yay!


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After the Baby Shower on Sunday we went to my Phillipino Family's House to hang-out. My men-folk were already there.

They like to "hang" a lot and the Pied Piper is so great with my boys. He even came home with us to spend the night.

It was great because I had to take my two guys to the dentist today and their appt.'s were 30 min. apart. The pied piper played cards and hung out with each kid as the other got worked on in the dentist's chair. He's a great kid and a great helper.

Anyway, back to this picture...Meyers D took it of me because I had so much freakin' sauce on my face! click the link or the picture to see more rib-eatin' photos.

Photos from my Niece's Baby Shower

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Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower for my niece who is having a baby in approximately 44 days.

We had a great time and I have lots of photos of it up @ flickr. Click the link or the picture.

This is my favorite. Her tiny little tummy and these sweet little booties made by my father-in-law's "friend" Jean.


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It was really hard to decide, my hubby took a lot of great photos of TSE and Meyers D after the soccer game. They went to a carnival along Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon for the Cinco De Mayo festival.

There were so many good ones that he took, check the link or click the picture, but this was my favorite out of all of them. I like the ominous clouds and the bright colors.

Photos of my Nephew playing Soccer

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As promised, here's photos from the soccer game that my hubby took our two kids to when I stayed home with Max-Ay so he could play in his baseball game.

Just click the link or the photo to see some more cool soccer photos that my hubby took. I edited them for him.


My Day with Max-Ay

So my day didn't really start off all that great. My brother-in-law called at 7:15 in the morning to talk "property" business with my hubby. I just did not want to get out of bed and laid there for about 15 min. When I finally got up I had to give him a glare, no...actually I punched my hand, meaning, somebody's gonna pay for this. I proceeded to make my husband suffer for about a 1/2 hour as I moped around and was generally grouchy. Sometimes I can zone out while I wake up by checking my e-mail, your blogs and my flickr activity but the kids were taking advantage of being up earlier than me and were playing an educational game on the computer.

I had to read the paper....I must confess, haven't done that in a while!!

I began to cheer up slightly and the hubby took off to look @ some more property that he and his little brother's investment corp are going to purchase. With him out of the way I checked up on the computer and started to wake up a little.

Then the battle began. You see, Papa D was going to miss Max-Ay's baseball game to see his nephew play in a State Championship Select Soccer Tournament. We gave our son the option of missing his game and going or playing and staying home with mom. He chose to stay home, but then his attitude went from bad to worse. He started harping on his little brother, crying and just was completely melting down. I, of course, didn't handle this all too well, got in his face and even yelled at him (yes people, I am NOT perfect!). And finally sent him to lay down on his bed.

But quickly my mind realized that he could be sad that his Dad was missing his game, even though he hadn't said that. (So far Dad has only missed one of the boys' games, and that was TSE's last night because he was sick).

So I endured the wailing, laid down by him on his bed and asked the question: Are you sad because Dad's missing your game?

It took him awhile to realize it, but yes he was. I told him that if he expressed this to his Dad, that he may change his mind. But, that I was really looking forward to spending the day just with him, that I love watching his games and that we could do something fun just me and him.

After we talked and hugged (no, it doesn't always go this smoothly) we came up with some ideas of how we wanted to spend our day and he was fine with his Dad not attending.

The three happy campers took off for an hour and a half's drive and Max-Ay and I began our day.

First, we went to Starbuck's in the store (I got a 1/2 caff latte and he a kids hot cocoa), I looked for some Converse but they didn't have my size, we bought a baby shower gift for my neice and seeds to spit in the dugout for his game. We were getting off to a good start!

We went to the game, I was digital camera-less and only took 9 pictures with my 35mm. So I enjoyed the game and handed out fliers telling the parents how they could access their kids' photos on my fickr page. Max-Ay got one hit and did a great job @ catcher.

After the game we came home and I ordered some recently edited prints online from Wal-Mart 1 hr. photo, we went to Hollywood video to rent Nanny McPhee but its not released yet (we got Flubber) and went to Wal-Mart to pick up the pictures. We also got my Mom's mother's day present. She wanted plants and a watering can. HEY - I can afford that!

I decided that I really didn't feel like cooking dinner so we went through McD's drive-thru and he got a McKids meal and I got my favorite Big & Tastey Meal and we went home and ate outside.

Then we watched the movie together, ate M&M's and laughed. Afterwards it was his idea to color and we made each other pictures.

We played a Lewis and Clarke board game, Uno and Ziggity. He rubbed my back and said we just didn't have enough time to play together. Now ain't that sweet? Such fun, I got to ask him a lot of questions about his friends and school. His favorite is still library and he doesn't want Janelle to be his Valentine anymore.

It was a great day, and its always so fun to just have some one-on-one time with the bigger ones who are gone at school all day.

Here are some photos of Max-Ay working on getting his tooth out the other day. The dentist will have to pull it on Monday, his big tooth is far behind it and it is still really stuck in there. We even tried Ambesol so he could wiggle it, but didn't make a lot of progress. He had fun with his mouth being numb though!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!


Photo Contest #3: Favorite Photo of your Mother

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Hey guys, this month's photo contest idea was given to me by DWJSDating? @ www.dwjsdating.blogspot.com

To enter, post your favorite photo of your mom on your blog and link back to me. Photos must be uploaded on your blog by 12 a.m. PST Thursday, May 18th, 2006. You must have taken the photo yourself. You may have to dig through old photos and scan something but that's fine too!

Also, if your kids like to snap happy, you may post one they've taken of you. You may crop it and do slight, slight color enhancing but that's it. It basically needs to be their photo.

One entry per person. One per you, one per each child who wants to post one.

I will announce the winner on Sunday May 21,20006.

Have fun and hope to see your entries.


Baseball Photos from Tuesday Night

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Holy Cow! I think I've edited enough baseball photos to earn me a spot in the little league heaven/Hall of Fame!

Why am I taking so stinkin' many baseball photos?

Good question. 1)I can't stop clicking the button on my camera.

2)these kids are so darn cute!

3) Well, I really wanted the other parents to be able to download their kids' pictures and print them up if they like.

So now, my flickr page is LOADED with baseball pics....people over there probably think I'm a freak now.

Hope you all are not getting too sick of it! Only one more month and then it will be back to life as usual.

Hang in with me there PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!


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This was a fun one to do, I love the color of his helmet and bat. It took some time, but I think it was worth it. I like the finished product!


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I just love these missing tooth cheesers!

DugOut photos can be just as interesting as field-of-play ones! haha


Family Relationships

I just watched two super great movies. One last night and one today. The first was The Thing About My Folks with Peter Falk, Paul Reiser and Olympia Dukakis. In a nutshell, it is about a marriage relationship and how that relationship affects themselves and their children. It is heartwarming, thought-provoking and sentimental. I loved it. Great scenes between a father and a son.

The movie we watched today was Dreamer with Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell. Absolutely fantastic and I must say it is now one of my favorite movies of all times. I was doing a little more than shedding a tear here. It is about a girl, her father and a racehorse. But really, it is about a family, their fears, unbeliefs and relationships with each other. So fantastic and I can't wait to watch it again. Dakota Fanning is truly an actress that's beyond her years in artistic range.

So there you have it! I know its sunny weather but I really would recommend these.