my sick boys

don't take a picture of me mama, i'm a sick boy
my sick boy

This morning @ 5a.m. TSE came in my room and said he thought he was going to get sick.

Let's just say, that fortunately, he told me first!! ha!

Anyway, when Max-Ay woke up he said he didn't feel good either, but he didn't look sick. Thank God he didn't eat breakfast when I thought he was faking. Man, that would have been a nightmare.

So they are sitting in my upstairs living room, quietly watching movies. I plugged the lights into the Christmas tree and started a fire in the fireplace. It's very cozy and Christmas-ish looking. The jello is slowly hardening in the fridge for a late lunch.

My friend S.B. called and her boys just had the sickies last week. She is bringing orange gatorade and 7-up. I probably could have lived without it, but sometimes, when someone wants to help you, it's important to say yes. It makes them feel good and it builds a growing friendship. It will be fun to see her face for 5 seconds and commiserate about the super mom of sick boys thing.

This flu bug seems to be short-lived so hopefully after tomorrow we will be done. I just hope the rest of us don't get it, but unfortunately, EVERYONE in S.B.'s family got it. Yikes!!! My neuro appointment is an hour away on Wednesday, but I suppose I could always change it into a phone appointment. So, I won't worry about that yet!


Rain said...

get well soon to your sweet boys. Our house is sick too.

Writer Mom said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. Though, I do worry that it's been since the 4th!

CameraDawktor said...

we're better, i just don't write on this blog that much. mostly i update on www.iammyowndoctor.blogspot.com

but thanks, we're all well now.