fighting to see the good everyday

little warriors
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My kids are the reason why I keep trudging forward everyday and keep fighting to find relief from chronic pain. They are worth enduring trial after trial of medication, side effects, weight gain...you name it. Lately I have had some sabatoge to my good days and I am fighting to focus & appreciate the good than the little things that some would continually point out is wrong w/me &/or my situation.

Some highlights today were: I went walking, the boys' friends came over and I loved asking them about their day, I enjoyed coffee w/ some friends, I had a good phone appt. w/ my neurologist, I made my 4th batch of homemade applesauce to freeze, I confronted a loved one and it was successful, I fought off destructive urges.

All in all, a highly successful day! Oh, and the kids started back @ school!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ange said...

I hope you're doing okay.
Check in when you've got some time.

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