so this post will lack substance

they don't call'em the rockets for nothin'

my long lost buddy old pal chuck croll invited me to take this quiz:

You are .swf	 You are flashy, but lack substance.  You like playing, but often you are annoying. Grow up.
Which File Extension are You?

if you decide to take it too, let me know.

long story short, it was a good week, pain was minimal and completely manageable. super great week.

the "female" doctor appointment went well, i'll elaborate more later after my headache clinic appt., and others later this week. hopefully we'll be coming up with a new little plan. the first one helped, but hopefully this one will be better. that's what we're hoping for. forward progress, slow but steady.

last night MadE's mom Amy came over for some major cleaning of the basement. was so nice to have help and now the house doesn't feel so overwhelming. in trade, i am making her four dinners, one for the next four thursday nights. that's her busiest night of the week, and she has went back to school, has 5 kids, 2 are in soccer, has youth group and home groups at her house. busy lady.

so she helped me and now i will help her!

i'm jazzed and hope she wants to come back in a month or two to tackle some of the upstairs. it was great hanging out with her too. she's pretty funny and its nice to have a girlie friend that's close to my own age, haven't had that for awhile.

tonight it's frozen burritos for dinner w/ big daddy p and his little brother coop.

oh, and i have come up with this fundraising idea for our thailand trip coming up in january, i'll let you know all about that soon.


Jana said...

Sounds like things are going well with your doctors appts. I hope you're able to get your pain under control.

I hadn't been commenting recently because I couldn't. I just figured out if I use IE instead of Firefox it works fine. So here I am!

CameraDawktor said...

oh thanks jana! i've been so slack about reading blogs lately, i'll get to yours today and see how you're doing.

Donnak said...

I'm glad to hear the dr. appt. went well. I'm praying for you.

LOL @your extension

What about the calendars? Did you decide to do that?

ron st.amant said...

I tried to comment today to you on this...(I was a .doc by the way) but for some reason the dog at my comment, and my alarm didn't got off, and I had a flat tire...er...and, um...there was this important thing and I was late because of it.

CameraDawktor said...

oh donna k, now you are giving it all away!

they are creating the proof for me now. i will let you know when i get it/how it looks.

ron~ did you mean you were @ the dr. or used to be one?

ron st.amant said...

no no, I'm neither a doctor nor was at one...I might have a PhD someday so I 'could' be one...no I was referring to that quiz...I was a .doc file extension

CameraDawktor said...

duh, i'm so dumb! ha!

alison koh said...

hi... hope u are better. i am a .doc file extension! :)