seizures and stuff

grandpa with his newest great-grandchild rachel
Last night i suddenly, and i mean suddenly came down with the flu. woke up this a.m. and still had it. could've been worse but still very tired and achey. this afternoon i slept 1 1/2 hrs. after tse got home from school. lucky for me he's a good kid and entertained himself. i was watching hogan's heroes with him, and before i knew it i was out like a light!

fortunately i felt a bit better after i woke up, but i didn't go to max-ay's out of town game tonight just to take care of myself. about the time the game was over i got a call from one of the mom's and she said that papa d's dad was at the game, and that he had a seizure. they were going to take him to the hospital in the ambulance.

from what she described, and what papa d said later, it sounds like it was a pretty rough one. so i farmed all the kids off for the night overnight and went to the hospital to be with my honey. they did a CAT scan and an x-ray because he fell and hit his head during the seizure. evidentally this is about his 3rd one in three years, the last one being 6 mos. ago, so hopefully maybe tomorrow we will find out what's going on and if there's anything that can be done.

pretty crazy stuff and hard for papa d to watch his dad like that. we are doing o.k. though and he is resting well @ the hospital as they have him pretty drugged up right now.

i'll post again after we know a little more about how he's doing.


Lee said...

hope y'all are doing okay cd, sounds like scarey stuff...sending good thoughts :)

CameraDawktor said...

thanks lee. he went home from the hospital last night shortly after we did. haven't heard the results from the CAT scan and x-ray they did. but hope they will make some good recommendations for them and that he will follow through w/ whatever the dr.'s want him to do.


ron st.amant said...

hope everything turns out okay!

CameraDawktor said...

thanks, me too. some of it will depend on whether he follows up with the doctor or not and follows whatever they tell him he should do.

i'm hoping for the best.

Lawanda said...

I hope your fil and you are feeling better!! And I hope he doesnt give the drs too much trouble :) I know how my grandma is about folowing doctors orders (stubborn hehe)

alison koh said...

hope everyones ok.

bulletbow said...

Sorry to hear this... I hope he is doing better? ~ jb///

CameraDawktor said...

thanks bulletbow, i saw him today and he was getting around pretty good.