still no bo

what lies ahead
i think i mentioned recently that my botox appointment was finally made. the receptionist, on the evening she called, asked if i could come in next Thursday (can you see where i'm going with this?...) and i said sure. so on thursday i took my neighbor some dinner, the one i traded cleaning my basement for making her dinners, then went to show papa d a project i've been working on.

when i got home, the receptionist had left a message which said, "I'm calling in regards to your botox appt. that you missed." Yup, you heard right....MISSED!

so i called back to reschedule and a different lady told me that the secretary would call me back. that was last thursday, today is tuesday. still no call back. surprised? absolutely not!

so today i called. i was dreading that because i knew EXACTLY how the conversation was going to unfold and i did NOT want to deal with it. however, there's no one to take care of me but me, so i did.

I was told that the doctor scheduled special sessions for botox and they did not know when he'd be doing it again. they would call me when he set up those days again.

I said, do you think it will be this month?

I don't know, she said.

Like i'm supposed to be satisified with that answer?! yah, right.

allright i said sweetly through gritted teeth.

*curse words racing through my brain...

i will not be trapped by these so called health care professionals. i'm not just going to suck up to their "we'll get to you when we get to you" type attitude. nope! not anymore.

so i sent an e-mail to the new guy i'm seeing and told them that there'd been a "misunderstanding" and that i missed my appt. i said it took me 2 1/2 mos. to get it and after calling 2x, i still did not have a reschedule and they were giving me no indication when they would.

within a few hours he e-mailed back and i am getting a new referral to someone else. i have no gauruntees when they will get me in but I DO NOT CARE. i will never do business with this other clinic again, and i will let anyone and everyone i know to do the same.


Lee said...

that's great you're getting another referral, sorry the bad clinic has screwed you around for so long...hopefully the new one will be quicker to act!

alison koh said...

and i thought lousy service only happens in our government hospitals in malaysia! i guess it's all human error. hang in there... all things happen for a reason, there might be something good out of this "missed" appointments! *hugs*

CameraDawktor said...

lee- that's what i'm hoping too.

alison- i totally agree. i could end up meeting some really great comopetent professional people!

ron st.amant said...

alison, you've clearly never had some of the lousy service at our fine Canadian hospitals...wait times are astoundingly slow

CameraDawktor said...

ron- i was just thinking of that this morning. in 1993 i had to do a research paper on national health care programs as hillary clinton was pushing for a national program here. i researched the canadian model and learned how SUCKY it was.

this morning i was thinking about how i was griping about it taking 3+ mos. to get 1 treatment and realized that if i was in CANADA it would probably take a year or more.

good point.

alison koh said...

a year? oh yes! here too!
sent my mom in-law for check-ups in August, apparently the machine gone kaput and they gave her a new appointment - February NEXT YEAR!!! she nearly fainted!! "#@$%!!" all the way home on a wasted trip! :P

CameraDawktor said...

oh my, that's a nightmare, guess i better stop whining huh?!