Cabbages and Condoms, Chiang Rai Thailand

restaraunt chain in thailand promoting aids awareness
Cabbages and Condoms is a government run restaraunt chain in Thailand. I had heard it mentioned before by my missionary friend and I was like: what?!

It is an absolutely fabulous restaraunt. The food is some of the best I had in Thailand! Especially the cashew chicken. We got that dish almost every place we ate as a group because it is my pastor's favorite! .....and he was ordering! But this place had the best cashew chicken of anywhere I have ever tried!!! Of course, there were condom posters all around, fortunately my daughter didn't notice them and was pretty clueless about it.

The restaraunt is to promote AIDS awareness in Thailand.

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alison said...

welcome back cd! when meyers d hits her teens and understands the birds and the bees, she'll remember this trip to this restaurant!