Visiting a Thai School

English Class for 8th Graders
There is a couple at my church that performs songs and puppetry at public schools called Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth. So one of the things we did was visit a Thai Christian School of 2100 kids. The photo here is of an 8th grade English class that Papa D and I visited.

Roger - Also Known As the 8th Grade English Teacher

They were totally your typical teenagers! It was great. In working with the kids I found how important it is to have a native English speaker teaching them English. That's one of the reasons that Western teachers are so sought after in college programs, especially. We learned that we could get a job overnight in a University just with a Bachelor's degree. And, since Papa D and I both have them (I am 12 credits shy of my Master's in Ed.), we came home dreaming of working in Thailand!!
the buck and elizabeth show goes to thailand
When we got done in our English class, we got back to the performance area and saw this sight! We were so shocked to see shy Meyers D standing in front of 400-500 kids singing songs she had just learned! We were so proud of her boldness!!
One of the things I loved most about visiting the school, was seeing so many of the kids wearing their traditional tribal clothing. That was so marvelous and impressive, as well as important. I'm sure that I've expressed this already. But one of the things that I feel is so critical in Thailand, is for the tribal people to hold onto their culture and traditions as they begin to assimilate more into the modern culture. When I go back to Thailand, either short term or longterm, this would be one of my focuses and missions in encouraging the tribal children to not abandon their culture.
child from the yao or mien tribe
tribal child at sahartsuska school
pretty in pink
This is just a slice of some of the tribal dress you would see in Northern Thailand.
I leave you with some of my favorite pictures taken at the school.

*Karen child with Joe & Terry
experiencing one of the satisfying moments of life


Donnak said...

I have so enjoyed all the pictures you shared. Do you mean you may be moving soon or after the kids are grown and all? WOW!! What a life-changing experience!

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LZ Blogger said...

Cute pictures. Cute kids. Looks like a very nice Christian school they have there! ~ jb///

Rain said...

How exciting to think that you could work there.