Super Gross gluten-free Chebe Cinnamon Rolls

I bought a package of Chebe Naturally cinnamon roll mix in a bag from Whole Foods (Wild Oats). My daughter loves to bake so she mixed them up. They are gluten-free; yeast-free; dairy-free and allergen-free (don't know how you can say a mix is allergen free when people can be allergic to most anything..........)

Anyway, even though she is 12 she is quite the little baker. You can make them more light an airy by adding a tsp. of gluten-free baking powder.

Let me tell you, she should have done that.

They turned out looking like terds.

Seriously, they were gross and ugly. I took one very small bite. Horrible texture. Tasted a bit like cinnamon.

Trust me, I won't be buying them again. The piture on the packet looked great but nothing like ours turned out.

Just thought I'd save someone the trouble of buying them. I'm sure they're not cheap, I don't remember how much they cost.

Happy gluten-free baking!!!

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