see ya in a few days

see ya in a few days
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o.k., doea anyone know how to analyze handwriting?

does it tell you that i'm a freak?




hmm....you'll have to let me know about that....

so this is my kids' spring break, they have been home 2 hours now. we are packing up to go here
misty morning @ camp le pond de roy

the crazy guy who was renting le pond de leroy's place is moved out. so w/ weather being unpredictable until july here in good 'ol SW Washington, we can safely go have fun and stay in their mobile home. the Mister just called and said i won't even recognize it and that the woodstove is going and wood is piled up on the porch!


when it gets a little warmer out we can pitch tents but we will try sleeping in the mobile. the Misses is going with us and she should be here any minuite.

o.k., that was her calling so i have to finish loading my truck.

anywhoo, her Mister and my Mister are going here
where my hubby is spending his next guys' weekend

so i thought that since it's spring break, instead of sitting around home
new stucco
that we should go have some fun like this
this is a preview to how we spent our afternoon.  here's a hint: if we were trying to exhaust our kid and his friend....it WORKED!!!
(at least we can only hope that this will occur.........) hehehe......

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