why i love the smell of cow poop

Allright, Jana read my questions below and wanted an explanation of why i love the smell of cow poop.

It's really quite simple.

Before I was born, or my Mom even got married, her dad died. He had built my grandmother a house on some acreage in a rural area. They had a garden area, seasonal pond, pie cherry trees, mile long driveway, old barn and a handful of cows.

Because my Grandmother had no man around the house to do upkeep on the "farm" my parents would spend a lot of time on the weekends out there helping her out. I absolutely ADORED my grandmother, being outdoors and mucking around the farm. I loved helping her feed the cows.

Now, everytime I pass by a farm I have to roll down the windows and take a big whiff. Naturally, the smell that I detect is the strongest one: cow poop.

It reminds me of my grandmother.....sort of like apple pie would remind you of home....


Jana said...

Well, that certainly makes sense.

It's still weird, though. ;)

CameraDawktor said...

you're right! i've never been "normal"!!!

Writer Mom said...

I think I like it too, though. Great memory. I love this picture.

CameraDawktor said...

great writer mom, now i want to hear your story of why you like it too!