Dawktor Girls Campout 2006

Meyers D and I had such a fabulous time on our campout July 31-Aug. 2, 2006. We stayed @ the Cougar RV Park in Cougar, Washington. This is the same place I took the children in June, and Meyers D and I stayed in the cabin again. For information and pictures of our campground, click the following pictures and view the set. Cozy-Cabin

The first year we went, 2004, we stayed @ Ohanapacosh in Mt. Rainier National Park. We tent camped and I used a propane cookstove for the first time. We hiked in a 200+ old growth forest and up in the alpine wildflower meadows near Paradise Lodge.

Last year we went to Dash Point State Park in Federal Way, Washington. That turned out to be the scarriest time of my life, but I'll leave that for another post. We had a great time on the Puget Sound beach though, where we saw thousands of sand dollars and enjoyed doing our crafts. I also found a new appreciation for my "gaurd dog" and "all around good camping dog" Zoe the Boxer.he had never seen such a close relationship between a child and her dog

The first day we arrived we just relaxed after getting settled and eating our giant dinner of crab stuffed chicken. I did some knitting and started a book by Maya Angelou that my friend stephjaychrisben (http://flickr.com/photos/51753925@N00/ ) had sent me.

The next morning I woke up to terrible cramps and a backache (kidney stones moving?). So once the percocets were downed half the day was spent recovering from feeling stoned. Fortunately our cabin had an outdoor electrical outlet and I anticipated problems, so I relaxed by the fire with my trusty heating pad. As much as I wanted to do some exploring by Windy Ridge in the mt. st. helen's volcanic monument or trying to find Indian Heaven in the Mt. Adam's wilderness (loads of wild blueberries) we just decided to relax. Meyers D did some painting, made a fabric painted shirt and a fabric painted tote for some friends, as well as some latch hooking and reading. We also played a few games of cards.the front side of sara's shirtmy little crafting queenthis is what happens to girls without male contact for 72 hoursthe

I started a needlepoint project I'd like to give my Mother. This is the first time I've done anything like that and I'm really enjoying it. Meyers got a little bored in between her projects and did some self-portrait experiments with the digital camera and took a quite unflattering picture of me, lol!
my mom is learning how to do needlepoint by meyers dmy mom's going to kill me for this by meyers d
We also picked some huckleberries and had huckleberry pancakes.
one of my favorite scenes of summer - huckleberriesone of my favorite scenes of summer - huckleberries
When we packed up to go on Wednesday, we sure wished we had another night. It is just so relaxing and peaceful being out in nature, sitting by the fire and relaxing. But we decided to go on a road trip. That will be detailed in the next post.

The recipe for the foil dinner Meyers D is holding in this photo was from a previous blog or flickr post in June. click the picture and find the link in the description of the picture if you would like this recipe. It turned out so wonderful, the best we've ever done, as you can tell by the excitement on Meyer D's face!

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