see ya after my camping trip

oh yeah! my coumpa is made, my coffee cake is made, my eggs are scrambled and in a bag, my clothes are loaded, the kids are ready and hopefully going to sleep soon, my husband finally packed....

now, just to make sure i wake up at 4a.m.!!!

i am happy to report that the headaches i was so worried about have not plagued me this week. i am really hopeful and encouraged for this weekend, even though my doctor won't refill my percocet!

~i must have a lot of confidence. no actually, i was barely getting one this week, and took a combination of three things he wanted me to try and it really helped, and so far hasn't come back. that's 5 days straight feeling good, and it's been a while since i've had a stretch like that!

you'll never believe it, and i seriously hope you don't think i'm a major whiner, but i did something this afternoon that i've never done before.

bad karma....

i was getting out of my van at my mom's house, and i turned my left leg to get out, and i strained my knee. after i few minuites i could tell that i strained a groin muscle as well. i have never done that! what seriously bad timing. i was hoping to be so hopeful, hoping to make a couple of one mile trek's to our campsite packing our gear.

terrible timing. i'm going to go ice it and watch t.v. while i wait for my dishwasher to finish. i have to reload it and restart it and don't want to do that at four a.m.!!

***however, and i do mean this sincerely. i would much rather have a hurting leg than even deal with one migraine on this trip! shoot, i would even prefer to deal with kidney stones!!

here's hoping that you thuroughly enjoy one of your last weekend's of the summer!


Tee said...

Hope you feel better soon! I often have various knee trouble and it's not fun! Relax and keep elevated!

Gracie said...

Thank you so much for your advice about the Flickr blogging. I'd already started the switch to wordpress when I got your note, so I'm gonna try that for a bit. And if I have problems, I'll come crying to you to help me out!!

Hope you have a great weekend trip!! Sounds awesome...though, sorry about your pulled muscles. I'm with you on the pulled muscle vs. the migraine!

Come over and visit me when ya get back!


Lawanda said...

I hope you have a great time!!! Hopefully that pulled muscle is the worst you get during the whole trip. And hopefully it heals before ya go ;)

Donnak said...

I hope you have a great time this weekend, notwithstanding your leg. But I'm glad you don't have a headache!

We are on our 2nd week of school here so summer is pretty much gone for us, other than Labor Day weekend. :)

LZ Blogger said...

Hope you are getting a lot of nice shots while on vacation! SAFE TRAVEL! ~ jb///

Mrs Smarty Pants said...

ENJOY !! :)