Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!
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holy cow is right! (to check out more of yogi's photos click the photo or his screename under the photo).

yikesers and holy cow is about all i have to say.

what a week~

had problems with perverts visiting my flickr page. i had a guy favorite a photo of my husband and put it on his flickr page. in his profile he says that he likes to watch men have sex.


i had a guy that said my kids were sweet and looked like his grandbabies. he turned out to be a pervert.


icing on the cake was when a porno site, with a site feed to flickr tags such as bikini, swimsuit and up skirts, blogged a photo of my precious meyers d, in ....you guessed it, a bikini.

moral of the story?

i am taking off all flickr tags that make references to kids, children, ages, boy, girl, bikini, swimsuit, etc. any tag that a perv can get a sitefeed to and constantly get a stream of photos to do WATEVER HE WANTS TO with them....

change virtually all my photos to friends and family only

change almost all of my contacts to friends and family because so far, they are people i trust.

turn off the ability to blog my photos, except for friends and family. if you want to blog one of my photos, just ask, i will try to make that happen for you if you are unable.

i also have removed my kids' pictures from any of the kid groups on flickr. so many perverts have joined these to get children's photos. you can't just quit a group, you have to go to the group and delete any and all of the photos you don't want there, then quit the group if that's what you want to do.

keep in mind, i check out EVERY and i mean EVERY person that faves, comments, and or adds me as a contact. things can just slip through the cracks. so if this is a concern to you, just put your flickr settings on the most private settings you can.

the rest of the week included having migraines on tues, wed,thrs, fri, sat and sunday. yup, real fun stuff. went to the doctor on sat. and sun. and got some pretty powerful stuff. in the past, when i've had a back to back spur, i would get mad when i had exhausted all of my medicine choices and just take whatever, whenever, however i wanted.

good for my body?


good for my health?


so this time when i got to that point, i went in. saturday i got a shot of toradol (sp?) and the headache was gone until bedtime. not to bad, because it was a hell of a wanger.

sunday i got an iv drip of saline, bendaryl 50mgs. in the i.v. (that my friends could be sold on the black market, it makes you stinkin' STONED), some anti nausea medicine and DHE in the i.v. by the time i left it was completely gone. started to come back this a.m. but i am ok now.

why am i writing about this? because, like i said, in the past i would do unhealthy things to myself out of desperation/frustration/pain.

not this time! because it was urgent care my hubby and kids had to spend hours with me there, but it was the right thing i do, to ask for help when i needed it.

there's other things i could say about this whole thing, but i'll save it. basically my hormones are whacked and until they get leveled out, i could be in this stinkin' bad stretch for a while. not good, because i have a camping/backpacking trip planned for this weekend that i am hell bent not to miss!

we are going to a place called rialto beach up by forks, washington on the northern washington coast. it's a four hour trip and we have to hike a mile in to get to our campsite. no water/electricity. but you camp right on the beach.

our friends have been telling us about it for over a year, and we have been planning this trip that long. if i have to send the husband and kids alone, i will. but i DEFINITELY don't want to miss out. guess i'll have to make sure the percocet is in plentiful supply! lol!

i hope you find the flickr information helpful, the most enlightening thing to me was the site feeds people could get on flickr tags, so it's important to be careful about those. i had no idea about that....

have a great week!


alison koh said...

shocking of the flickr story! thanks for the info! such weirdos out there! scary! sorry to hear the head ache and all... hope you and family have a great time @ camp. lotsa love!!!

Jana said...

Holy cow is right! I don't use Flickr, but if I ever do I'll keep that in mind. Scary.

Sorry to hear about the migraines. I'm glad you got help, though. I've only been to the ER once with a migraine, but it was the right thing to do.

Lee said...

good grief CD - that makes me mad for you...that's incredible about flickr...and to have all that happen to your shots within the same period of time...I don't blame you for tightening things up...hope you're getting lots of rest so you can enjoy that great trip y'all have planned!

Suzanne R said...

Thanks for the info about removing Flickr tags, CD. I have done that where it was needed. Fortunately, there have been no more views of the picture that I was most concerned about, so it's likely that anyone who thought they could look at pictures of my grandsons wrestling for their prurient interest has been foiled. Your experiences as related here are certainly sickening!

I am glad you were able to get help for your headaches and I will be hoping you are able to join your family on the camping/backpacking trip this weekend! Whatever the case, take care of yourself, my friend.

CameraDawktor said...

alison, jana, lee and suzanne r~

thanks for your many well wishes. i have had two really good days now, and i appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers, not only about the grip loosening on my chronic pain issues, but for participating in the wonderful activities of my family.

i so appreciate support.

also, for suzanne r and fellow flickr memebers. an easy way to edit/remove tags is to type in your flickr page with add tags. this is how i pulled up mine, you would do likewise but with your own web page url.