this is how i look on the morning i've turned thirty-five

so today's my thirty-fifth birthday. last night my parents took us to dinner at a mexican restaraunt. it was really great! papa d and i shared shrimp fajita and tse had quesadilla, while the other two had beef burritos.

poppies (my dad) bought 3 quacamoles to go with the chips & salsa they brought us. max-ay was running out and said, "I want more mockamole!" it was pretty funny.

after dinner i got up out of my chair, tse gave me a BIIIIIGGGG hug and said, "you're sweet.......AND SOUR!"

don't ask me where they get this stuff, really!

at bedtime when they said their prayers, max-ay and meyers d both prayed for me and thanked God that i was born. now how stinkin' sweet is that?!

this morning i laid in bed about as long as is humanly possible for me, got attacked by my kids and hubby, downloaded the pics off my memory card, posted this and a few other birthday dinner pics on flickr and now we are off to the store.

going to buy some hot dogs, buns, s'more supplies, doughnuts (for my birthday breakfast), starbucks coffee (because i DESERVE it) and head off to long beach, washington to see the kite festival. only a little over an hour away and i don't think we've ever been. should be fabulous, besides the thousands of people and kits, for playing and taking hundreds of pictures. whoopee! sounds like heaven to me.........


Suzanne R said...

Happy, happy birthday, CD! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and I know few people more deserving of that! The Long Beach kite festival is so fun and the weather should be perfect for it -- I can't wait to see pics and hear about how it has gone.

Grandma Jacki said...

Happy Birthday (late) CD.

Tee said...

Happy Birthday! You look great.

Yummy, Mexican food! Now you made me crave it. LOL.

alison koh said...

yay! happy birthday!!! so sweet of your family and kids and all the yummy food and more food... hehe... enjoy your day!! sending you lotsa love! :)

Lawanda said...

Aww your kids ARE sweet! And you look about 15! LOL HAPPY BDAY!! :-D

Writer Mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!

(Yay! It worked!)

((Of course, when I wrote 'Yay! It worked!' I had no idea whether or not it WOULD work.))

Anonymous said...

I definitely missed your birthday~ Just wanted to wish you a Belated Happy Birthday!! *hugs*and*kisses*