First Day of Kindergarten

looks like he survived his first day of kindergarten
today it was official! all three of my kids are in school! i had a morning free to myself and i didn't even have to pay a babysitter.


the kids were so excited this morning. especially the boys. they could hardly contain themselves! all three got to eat breakfast @ school, as meyers d had to be there early for safety patrol.

after i dropped them off i went to get starbucks for big daddy p's mom and i. the principal was hosting a coffee klatch for all the parents to visit with each other. but we didn't want the regular brew!

afterwards, i came home and got the dog and went for a walk. there's a walking path about a mile from my house. there's also a 4 mile lake in the middle of town. so my plan is to start walking every morning after they go to school.

no more excuses for not exercising! it has always been because of the kids, and now that i have FREE babysitting, no more excuses for me!

soon i will be starting a flickr set of photos of things i see on my walks. and, it will be good exercise for the dog.
get the tissues out - all three of my kids are in school now
meet the teacher night & meyer d's first time @ doing safety patrol
she wouldn't be a REAL kindergarten teacher if she wasn't blurry at this stage of the morning


Donnak said...

Sounds like you had a great morning.

Thanks for the visit today. I do like the beta and there aren't as many 'bugs' as they said (that I've found anyway) but there are a couple of things. I don't know if you would like beta or not since you don't blog through here.

Lawanda said...

Awww Cute cute cuties! First day of school is just so exciting :)

(did you want me to explain why I am homeschooling just Kela, as opposed to homeschooling all three of them?) :)