crab stuffed chicken

crab stuffed chicken
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Meyers D and I had such a tastey dinner the first day of our campout. We started our campfire and let it reduce to coals as soon as we arrived and unloaded our gear. We had an early dinner, which was such a good plan. One chicken breast for each of us was so incredibly filling, of course neither one of us could finish, but it was soooo delicious we just ate and ate.

When I purchased my Lewis and Clark commemorative cast iron dutch oven a few years ago at a local outdoor supply store, i also picked up a cookbook called Log Cabin Campfire Cookin' copywright 1998 by Log Cabin Grub Cookbooks. It has many wonderful recipes and this is the third one we have tried. Last year I didn't even use it, and it was Meyer D's suggestion that we clean up the dutch oven and use a new recipe.

This turned out so fabulous, and so delicious that I would thuroughly enjoy making it, even indoors on the stove, for guests. I just don't feel comfortable bloggin the recipe, but the ISBN # is 0-9630279-7-2 if you wish to order it and the phone # to the company is (801) 571-0789.
crab stuffed chicken 2
crab stuffed chicken cooking over the fire in our cast iron dutch oven
crab stuffed chicken ready to eat

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