now granny's a happy camper

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*thanks to kristine @ www.randomandodd.com for allowing me to blog this photo!

i'm happy to say i'm able to blog a happy granny photo. i recieved a very nice telephone call not more than 10 min. after blogging my latest tale of woe.

i told jacqrojo that God must really finally be listening, and that i should get mad granny on his ass more often!

ha! sacriligous? naw...you just have a dirty mind, and are taking that statement places it shouldn't go........

ok. back to business.

i get the phone call.

i just wanted to let you know, she says (receptionist) that i talked to the doctor and even though we still don't have a date yet, we are definitely going to do it next month.

oh, i said.

this really is a new thing for us, and we have three other ladies that are going to get it. the doctor is going to schedule out an extra half an hour (i'm guessing that he usually doesn't work, 'cause he's booked out like 3 mos. in advance~). but we will definitely be doing it next month, she finishes.

oh, that's really great, i say nicely but not too excitedly.

yes, and i hope that helps you with waiting, and gives you some closure, she states, but more like in a question.

yes it does, i say, knowing that if i don't hear anything in two more weeks i'll be putting the pressure on again.

and besides, i remind myself, i have an appointment with the big man himself on september the 7th. and don't think i won't mention it! i will be expecting a day on the calendar baby! just because i don't work doesn't mean i don't need to plan!

fortunately i don't have any trips to china planned in the month of september, because if you don't think i'd cancel it for the damned botox, you've got a frick'n screw loose!!!!


(i can hear your congratulations! ~ oh, you're not jealous i'm getting botox for a ten dollar copay are you?!)

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Jacq said...

LMFAO....... woo hooo..... GRANNY POWER!!!!!!!!