SPF & i'm now blogging in beta!!

you heard it right folks, i am now blogging in BETA!!!!

this week's SPFhas no thing. Kristine wants us to post our support, our sacrifice and something red.

1)my support:
I was going to say my husband supports me (yada, yada..everyone will say that right?) but i should probably show something that i/we help with that's philanthropic. so........we are going to Thailand in January. we, meaning my hubs, daughter and i. our church supports an orphanage for children that come from the hill tribes of northern thailand. some are orphans, some have only one parent, but all cannot go to school in this remote area. so some live there just for that. we will visit these children, some young women escaping a future life of prostitution who are going to school for the first time, some young people who our church members are paying for their high school and college educations and an old woman who takes in anyone. since i haven't been there yet, i don't have my own photo to post so here's one i've borrowed from the web. please go view this, many of the tribal children we will see are from the Karen tribe who populate northern thailand and burma. http://flickr.com/photos/ciskatobing/74309359/

2)my sacrifice: last sunday was our church picnic and baptism gathering @ a private residence on the Columbia River. it is an annual event, but i have never attended. a man that i used to attend youth group with in high school was getting baptized, and i was very excited about that. in my zealousness for getting the perfect shot of this special event, i forgot my cell phone was in my pocket. right after he went under and came back up, these big waves started hitting the shore and jostled us around. that was pretty cool....anyway...on my pastor's advice i let my cellphone dry out before i powered it back up. it works, barely, and i have no more screen! but at least i can make and recieve calls! to see his baptism photos you will have to go to my flickr page, but here's my favorite one of the set.
this is what it's all about

3)something red:
need i say more? *red has always been my favorite color!

Did you play?


Donnak said...

So you switched! LOL Do you like it so far?

I've done my tag. You can check it out here: http://gvtnx.blogspot.com/2006/08/5-weird-things-about-me.html

Thanks!! :)

CameraDawktor said...

yes i do like it! now i will go see your meme!

Suzanne R said...

Great SPF, CD! I will go and look at the mission trip site tomorrow, as I want to come back and read the next two entries, which I had somehow missed. (It's getting near my bedtime!) I think it's so neat that you're going on this trip! Very cute red thing, too :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kristine said...

the red? it's fab! You looked so darn cute!

I played this week too.

Charmed1 said...

Cute "red" picture!

Awesome reason to sacrifice!

What a way to show support!

I played too!

Sheri & SuZan said...

I enjoyed your SPF; especially the baptism story.

Have a great weekend; I played.

Lisa said...

I love the emotion of the picture at the river. Well done!

Aww, is that you as a little girl? Red is my favorite color too!

Happy SPF and I played too! :-)

Jana said...

Love that baptism picture! Sorry about your phone, though!

Liza said...

I really admire your topic for support and your sacrifice!! My church has really been focusing on helping the widow, orphaned, and homeless this summer but I haven't really founda way to help yet. but you're very inspiring! I'm hoping to get baptized in my church next year :)

The red picture is too cute! Was that you? Love the little outfit!

I played too :)

Kami said...

OMG, look at that OUTFIT!!!!!

SunshineBlues said...

I tried the beta switch but was not impressed, I will wait until they make it official!

Your pictures are great. The joy on the faces at the baptism says it all! And Is that pretty girl in red you? Too cute!

Mine is up. Come visit. Happy Friday!

Silke said...

Oh, what wonderful pics. Cute, little thing in red you were! :)
I played, too!

Christie said...

LOVE that red outfit!

happy spf
I played

CameraDawktor said...

lisa~ no woman! that is me! circa 1976-ish.

michele said...

Happy SPF! I played.

No Dramas said...

Love the stories behind your pics, which are lovely.
Thanks for visiting me and Happy SPF!!