Mother Daughter Camping Trip

For the last 5 years my hubs has went with his brothers, brother-in-laws, nephews and his sons to a Dawktor boys' camping trip. The first two years TSE was too little to go, so i stayed home with Meyers D and him.

Two years ago, he was old enough to start going as well, and Meyers D and i decided to go on our own camping trip. We went to Ohanapacosh @ Mt. Rainier. It's a lovely place and we went on some hikes to an old growth forest and an alpine meadow to see alpine wildflowers.

Last year we went to Dash Point State Park. I will never go back there by myself, as about 2 a.m. a man started attacking another man and i have never feared for my life as much as i did that night! I almost began to think that i would never take the children camping by myself again.

However, we found this fabulous place in Cougar, Washington that has cabins. It is a small park, with a woodsy feel and i felt very safe there taking the children there in June. So that's where Meyers D and i are going tomorrow for two nights.

She really enjoys this special time just the two of us, and wrote about it numerous times in school last year. Even though she hasn't come out and said it, i think it is one of her favorite things that we do all year.

We are taking some crafts, she is taking something to paint, a denim bag to decorate for a friend's birthday, and a shirt to decorate for her friend's sister. We are also taking some stuff to make decorative candles. We got this kit a few years ago to make for her Grammy, but we never got around to doing it. So we will attempt that as well. I am taking my knitting that i am practicing with and a cross-stitch that I want to make for my mother.

I haven't done cross stich since i was Meyer D's age, so not sure that it will turn out very good. But i want to give it to my mom as a Christmas or Birthday present. It is of some pansies, and pansies are her favorite.

We are both taking a book to read, my friend Steph who just started her own flickr page gave me a Maya Angelou book: I know why the caged bird sings.

It seems like everyone i know has read it and i never have. So i'm planning on getting started with that. I don't think a Mon.-Wed. trip will be enough time for all the things we want to do. Especially if we decide to go up to Windy Ridge, the farthest vantage point on Mt. St. Helen's from Cougar. It has been probably 15+ years since I've gone to Windy Ridge and it is at least 45 min. from Cougar.

Today has been a pretty icky day healthwise for me, but i'm bound and determined to not let anything stop us from going. Miserable or not, (I'm sure i will be fine) I AM GOING!

I mean, what's the difference if i am on drugs there or at home!

I woke up with a migraine, but my reversal med kicked in about an hour after i took it. My back decided to be crampy and now it feels like i might have some kidney stone action going on. So i've taken a few percocet today. Good old Percy...what would i do without that?!

My birth control pills to help the menstrual migraines has been working pretty good. But you can get a breakthrough cycle every now and again and that's what decided to show up today. I am sure that's why i woke up with a migraine today. Usually during this cycle i get 4-7 days of pain, so i guess that's my hesitancy and unsuredness about the next couple of days. But like I said, I AM GOING!!!

Poor me, last year the twelve days leading up to our camping trip i had a really bad stretch of headaches. I had to go in the morning of our trip and get an Imitrex shot. I had never had one before and it worked really good. So the doctor started allowing me to give myself Imitrex injections at home. So some good came out of that 12 day stretch.

I just thought it was interesting this morning when here it is one year later, the exact time as last year, and something threatens to throw me off. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED, lol!!

Well, we are finishing up our packing tonight and the excitement's building. We are going to try out a new recipe using my cast iron dutch oven. It is chicken breasts stuffed with crab w/ a white sauce. Of course, we'll take photos of that and post the recipe if it turns out very good!

Hopefully some huckleberries will be ripe and we'll throw them in our pancake batter.

Papa D will be taking the 35mm Nikon, so i'm hoping to be able to see their fun.

Here's the link to the place we're going and some old photos of past dawktor boys campouts. http://flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor/sets/72157594163873584/



i'll be back wednesday, so hope you have a great week and i hope to get some photo memories of Meyers D and i's special time together!


Lawanda said...

Oh that sounds so fun!! ENJOY!!

alison koh said...

have fun! bring home photos and more stories!

Gracie said...

How cool you get to go away with your daughter! Have a wonderful time!

LZ Blogger said...

Looks like a pretty place (and I see lots of smiles)! ~ jb///

Writer Mom said...

You're my hero.

Have fun!

Pickles and I must join you one of these years. Especially if you two are doing the cooking. Yum!!

Jana said...

So, how was your trip?

I answered your question on my (secret) blog.

Suzanne R said...

How did the trip go? I thought about you two, enjoying your mother-daughter time!

Gracie said...

Psssssttttt! CD!! Where's the update? Y'all made it back n stuff, right? Hope you had a blast! I can't wait to read all about it...and view the pictures too! :)

CameraDawktor said...

yes, yes, i'm back! we had a fantastic time. i spent a bit of time editing my pics as we went up to mt. st. helen's. i wanted all of them up on flickr before i posted since i blog through flickr now.

i also want to do the post justice and have a bit to write about. if i get up early enough tomorrow i may try to do it when my hubby's gone in the morning, otherwise i'll have to wait until tuesday.

i need a good chunk of uninterrupted time and don't want the hubs breathing down my neck while i'm trying to do it.

thanks for wanting to know everyone and i can't wait to tell y'all about it.

of course, you can always cheat and go over to flickr and look @ the pics. haha...

also, gracie~ about blogging from flickr. pic the photo you want to use, click on it, choose blog this and type in your post. you may have to make sure your profile contains your blog url so it will now what blog to post to. it's pretty easy and not hard to figure out. it's just that if you make any editing changes after you've posted through blogger, the highlighted links under the picture will be so small you can't read them, so i try to have my post as perfect as possible and not change it after i've posted it.

if you want to know how to embed other photos within your post, let me know. it's so easy to do too!

i will never post through blogger again!