Alpha Dog Syndrome

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Boy I'm tired, maybe its the benadryl. My eyes were killing me from allergies because of all the fresh cut grass, hay and cottonwoods. So I am sleepy, very, very sleeeeepy...........

What a fantastic weekend. Good friends, good food, good fellowship, great swimming, beautiful scenery. Wow! All that fun sure wears you out!

This photo is of the renter's dog who lives on the property we camped on. She had a BAD case of Alpha Dog syndrome. And, my dog can be so freaking clueless. When she or all the other 4 dogs growled at her, she just didn't learn to stay away. Well, tonight right before we left Missy (Alpha Dog) decided to attack here. Sweet little Zoers got a tooth or a claw right through her ear and it bled fo a while.

I hope she has learned from this that when Alpha Dogs say leave me alone that means LEAVE ME ALONE>>>>>>>>>>

So, I will not be camping there until that guy moves out and takes his dog with him!

We had such a blast. We spent two afternoons intertubing and swimming on the Grays River. It's a small river that you can see all the way to the bottom, its so clear. Nice and cool on a hot day.

So much to tell, but I must hit the hay now. Early to bed it is for me tonight. But I will work on uploading my photos to flicker and posting more pics and stories from our special time. LeRoy and Jenny are such easy people to be around, they genuinely love our kids and express it often, and aren't uptight campers. It was sublime.......

Goodnight y'all!


Grandma Jacki said...

Great looking dog (I'm a sucker for all black!). I've been gone since Fri AM to last nite too. Like you say-lots of fun but lots of tired! I'll catch up on my reading of blogs & viewing of Flickr tonight! Later.

Gracie said...

Ahhhhhhh, it does sound wonderful!
I can't wait til this fall when we go camping again! (We can only camp in the spring and fall--summer is TOO hot!)

Glad you had such a "sublime" time! :)

LZ Blogger said...

Inner-tubing on the river... now that's what life should be about! Sounds like a GREAT summer to me!~ jb///