farmer bob explaining the death of his beloved wife

OK, I'm still on a break, but you knew I'd pop up sooner or later. farmer bob here has had a tough year, sometimes in life, sometimes more often than we'd like, times are real tough. I can relate to some of the personal pain farmer bob is sharing with leroy. it's easy to share tough times with leroy, he's that kind of a guy.

well, i've been struggling and that's about as mildly as i'm going to put it. i've always tried to be real honest here but some things are just too rawly honest to share, so believe it or not i'm going to be a little tight lipped. just realize that on my break i am hoping to sort out a few things i've really been struggling with.

but besides wanting to share farmer bob with y'all, i had a real hallelujah moment this afternoon that's brought me the brightest glimmer of hope i've had in a month. BOTOX, yup, that's right, that's next on my line-up and I just have to wait for the paperwork and insurance ok but the neurologist is going to shoot me up with botox. now before you go getting all excited about me getting rid of my crows feet, search the archives here for a picture and you damn well won't find any crows feet on me! but guess what, if and i mean IF this works as an anti-migraine med for me, you will never see the crows feet on my face that will eventually emerge! yippee, wahooo and hallelujah.

now before you get all mushy on me, don't think for a gosh darn minute that i think it's going to help, but dang if i won't try.

so now i'm whisking back off into silence. comment if you wish but don't be disappointed or take it personal if i don't respond back, i'm still trying to keep it low key here. say a few prayers for me on monday as my lithotripsy is at 8:30 am PST and then I hope to be passing a few stones for a while after that. i need all the encouragement and hang-in there's i can get.

now meet bob:

here's the description i wrote for this photo: "personally, i am really anti sneak-up-on-a-stranger type photographer. but this man was so fascinating, so full of life, work, history, farming, love.....

his hands were amazing and i wasn't bold enough to ask him to pose for a photo of his hands. he would have thought i was nuts. however, if i meet him again, i just might.

he was dusty, with bits of hay scattered over his old worn-out clothes. his hands were stained with grease in the creases of his wrinkles and his beard unshaven. it's haying time and this is the first summer he's had to farm without his wife.

he remembered leroy when he used to live on his dad's dairy farm (which he now owns a piece of) as a boy. he was quick to tell all the details of his wife's passing and a slight tear was seen in the corner of his eye. he's the kind of man that is quick to take a firm shake of your hand as he pauses from his hard work, and will look you squarely in the eye. men like this are hard to find these days.....meet farmer bob."


Grandma Jacki said...

GOOD LUCK CD. My thoughts & prayers are with you(even if ya don't read this).

Donnak said...

I'm glad I stopped by to check on you. You're in my prayers.

God be with you,

Gracie said...

Oh yes, I'll be thinking about you on Monday...and the week or so after that as you pass all your gravel.

Take as much time as necessary.
We all need a break sometimes--from life. :)

Hang in there!