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one of my new flickr contacts, Dave Sinclair, took this photo in Cambodia. i suggested this title for him, and he must have liked it. i needed to see this pic today. it was inspiring to me.

i mean, just look @ the determination of this child. i think it is a most incredible photo!

woke up today with a headache. i've had worse, but there's times when i have many in a row (this week 5 in 6 days) and that makes it tricky for me to know what to take and when. i could be in this "cycle" because of the pain meds i was taking for the kidney stones causing a rebound headache effect. that makes it more tricky for me knowing what to take because i don't want to exascerbate the problem any more than it is~~

i made the coump for tonight's family dinner yesterday, just in case this sort of thing happened. so there isn't anything I HAVE to do today, so i am able to keep a good attitude, even if i have to miss out on the fun tonight. but i've been trying to figure out what i should do for this headache.

and i see this photo and it reminds me to just keep pressing on, keep moving forward.......be determined to have hope.

so i called my neurologist and yippee.........Botox has been approved from my insurance company. just waiting on a date for when the procedure will be, i'm sure they will get me in as soon as they can.

determination to keep a good attitude has been working so far for me today. my little fishing line of hope with botox as the bait.........one more reel into the pain problem to see if the stinky migraine fish will take the bait!

if not, then i look @ this picture again and keep rowing through the muddy waters.

yesterday was papa d's official bday, so we went out to pizza and to see the new pirates movie. TSE and Meyers D did ok but Max-Ay got quite scared. i was really looking forward to seeing the movie, but i finally had to go outside with him in the middle of it, i could tell it was really troubling him. after about 1/2 hr - 45 min. Meyers came out and said it would probably be a good time to go in and watch the end.

so we did. i definitely did not like this one even 1/2 as much as the first. it was so dark, not much great dialogue, everything taking place in the dark. depressing....... the children even said on the way home, all three of them, that they thought it had too much violence.

that's the kind of thing a mommy wants to hear her kids say. they are good @ determining what's good and not good for them to watch. i love that about them.......another reason why it was so important of me to let max-ay leave the theatre, to show him i believed in his judgement of what is/isn't appropriate for him.

they're good kids.

DETERMINATION. Good word for the day. Hope you liked the pic and please click the link and check out Dave's other pics of Cambodia.


Karen said...

We didn't like the movie as much as the first either. Even my ten-year-old son -- who you'd think would be into all the action -- said as much. The storytelling was notably absent. Heaven help you if you hadn't seen the first movie before watching this one.

CameraDawktor said...

Karen~ thanks for coming by and commenting!

i can't remember, do you use flickr? i just got an e-mail from the photographer who took the picture and he said that this photo made it onto Explore. wahoo!

yes, the movie stunk, but i still want to see the 3rd. i'll wait until others see it though and decide if i will wait for it to come out on video!