my little piggies

my little piggies
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Photo for SPF @ http://www.randomandodd.com Kristine wants us to show her our piggies. It's not Andy Warholish, just Grays Riverish. took this as a random photo while cooling off in the Grays River of SW Washington a few weeks ago. The water looks brown here, but actually it was real clear and you can see to the bottom.

did you play?

btw: for those who care, still passing stones.....let you know when it's all over!!!!!!!


Suzanne R said...

How enjoyable that looks! Especially as it warms up! Comfy little piggies. :-)

You know I care! Good for you!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lee said...

looks very refreshing...I think I need waterproof birks...good thoughts for quick stone passing CD!

Grandma Jacki said...

How relaxing! I have one specific pair of Birks I use for water - they're not waterproof but that's what I use 'em for. I also have a specific pair for gardening. I have some weird ole tan lines on my feet but WTF.
My thoughts are with you too.

CameraDawktor said...

thanks so much suzanner, lee and grandma jacki! i appreciate the good thoughts of people who are becoming good friends, even though we've only met through words.

sannie said...

ah... that looks really comfortable...there is nothing worse than hot feet *lol*

i played too ;)

alison koh said...

OoOoo... little piggies!
take care you!