Prayer of a Child

Prayer of a Child
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Heard by my son Max-Ay:

"Dear Lord Je- Hiccup! sus,"

"hahaha.....please.......STOP IT TSE!" (TSE can be heard giggling in the background)

"ple- Hiccup! - Please, help my mom's........hahaha........I'm only laughing because you are laughing TSE!"

"OK, go on," i say.

"Please help- hiccup! - my mom's kidney stones when they get bla- hiccup!- sted. Please help them all come out, even - hiccup! - even though I know they won't, please help her- hiccup!" "Thank you Jesus, Amen"

~now which part do you gotta love, the hiccups or the "i know it won't but help her anyway.....~

sounds an awful lot like me, i sure hope God can't resist the prayers of a child..............


jacqrojo said...

That is some serious prayer lol..... i just love it.... most definately God could not resist this prayer....so think yourself safe in the woods lol....

Gracie said...

Now that is TOO precious. Write it down somewhere. You'll want to remember that one. :)

CameraDawktor said...


i did, here!!!!

alison koh said...

how you doing there? hope all is well, i bet tse had some powered prayer with the hiccups! :)