i'm back baby!

as i'm ending my third day without passing stones it looks like i'm either getting another nice vacation or a temporary reprieve. anyway, i'm back from my "i need to get ahold of my mind before i lose it" temporary blog break! yippee!

i purposely titled my blog "Trouble Always Has a Door" because 1) i like that song by Bo Bice and 2) there's always a light, or a way out of every tunnel no matter how dark it is.

the problem is, that remembering this is easier said than done. all of us have felt like problems were crushing us and that is hard to endure. i am certainly no different than any of you. and i guess sometimes i get gol darn frickin' angry when i feel like that.

there's a new country western song that my hubby says is my song. it goes "life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride......." yup, i think that's my song! i'm far from finding that door out of trouble, but having a break was a good time to do some thinking and some talking with doctor's to keep encouraging them to get their asses in gear!

still waiting to get approved by the insurance for Botox, so please pray for me that it will come through quickly. i'm ready to try something new to address my pain issue.

well, does anyone like this photo? the hillarious, always goofy Max-Ay had to pose with his ice cream cone microphone outside this pizzaria in Seaside, Oregon last night to try to outdo Elvis. Then he asked me if i'd blog the pic! lol!

tomorrow is Papa D's 39th birthday, and since yesterday was looking to be my 2nd day without kidney stone pain, he told me what he wanted to do for his birthday. i told him that as long as he was driving, i could go anywhere on drugs! lol! fortunately, didn't have to do that!

so here's what he wanted to do: drop in on his co-worker who took her horses camping in Nehalem, Oregon to let the kids have a ride, then go a few minutes north back 101 near Manzanita, Oregon to the best surfing beach in the Pacific Northwest. it's a short hike, maybe a mile from the highway through a pristine coastal forest to a spectacular beach for playing in a stream, surfing, making sand castles, doing the whole beach/picnicking thing. the scenery is spectacular.

on the way home, driving through Seaside, Oregon (a popular tourist/teeny-bopper party place) we stopped @ an ice cream shop for Papa D's favorite birthday treat. it was a great day to end the evening. this was my first outing in about a week and it was great to get some sun, take some pictures and just LIVE!!!

i'll be uploading some more pics of our day and a link to a slideshow of all the pictures of it, but i am still in the process of editing the 150 good pics i ended up with! obviously i won't have that many when i'm done, i already deleted 49! haha!

tomorrow, if i'm able, my plan is to clean house which has been sorely neglected because of all the couch potato sitting/movie watching/stone passing. and make the family favorite scandinavian dish called coumpa, as my dad's bday it thursday and we will be celebrating with my side of the family wednesday night for that. i can't wait to hear my grandma say what a good job i did, and that i make it better than my uncle! lol! i made sure grandma taught me how to make it and that i got proficient before she stopped making it. smart girl i am. i wasn't going to live the rest of my life without coumpa. besides, as american's most of us have very few family traditions that come from the "old country" and this is the ONLY one i have from either side of my family, so i wanted to make sure i carried it on!

just wanted to say i'm back, that i've missed everyone and i hope you all haven't forgotten about me!!!!!
after a long day searching for treasure along the Oregon Coast, the most fiersome pirate alive pauses for a moment to reflecthis she has auburn highlights39 years and he still loves ice  cream


Suzanne R said...

So nice to see you back, CD! What a fun time your day yesterday sounds, and I do love that pic of Max-Ay being Elvis! ;-) I will continue to think of you regarding your pain issues, my friend.

CameraDawktor said...

suzanne r-

you are so sweet to say that! i appreciate it so much and as you have health problems too, you know how much it means when someone says that!

i will start attending an 8 week session beginning in September called a Pain Clinic, where i will hopefully learn some better coping skills with my pain issues.

thanks suzanne!

Tee said...

Great pics! I'm so glad you had a good break :) Welcome back... Recipe for coumpa? Or is it a family secret? :)

CameraDawktor said...

no, it's not a family secret......i'll have to see if i have posted it before, it seems to me like i have. but this would be a good time to take some pics of it and post it if i haven't, so i'll look into it.

it is not the most flavorable dish in the world, it is essentially a poor man's meal, like the irish used to eat lots of potatoes.

don't get me wrong, i love it and my grandpa used to say you were only related if you loved it. when my daughter ate it for the first time and liked it, he was over the moon! also, this helped my husband get "accepted" by my pain in the butt old grandfather.

anyways, thanks for asking!