grandma mary by TSE

grandma mary by TSE
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My son TSE took this photo of Grandma Mary. She's not actually my Grandma, but she knew my mom before she was born, and was friends with my grandma since the 5th grade, so she's pretty much my "adopted" grandma.

i haven't been to visit with her since before Christmas, after i got back from my grandma's funeral. excuses, excuses, but i just haven't gotten over there.

grandma mary is diabetic and can't drive anymore. she gets dialysis 3 x a week. so its not like you can go expecting her to come visit YOU!

a couple of weeks ago, not prompted by anything that was said or was happening, TSE said that we should go visit grandma mary. at first i thought my mom had subtly exercised her influence and "hinted" to TSE that he should tell me that we should go over for a visit. so i asked him, "what gave you that idea?" he said, "just my own mind."

so last thursday evening i was feeling pretty good. papa d wanted to go to an outdoor concert which is very near her house. so i had him drop max-ay and i off @ grandma mary's while he took the other two to the concert.

we had a great visit. she told me the story again of how she met my grandma, and how my grandpa (that i never met) hated rhubarb pie, but once, in the dark, while camping, he ate it and loved it, thinking it was apple. these are great stories, she's told me them many times. yet i never get tired of hearing her tell them.

thanks to TSE we made grandma mary's evening. next time, we won't wait 6+mos. to get over there for a visit!


Writer Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely woman, and what a sweet boy. He's the future kindergartener, right?
Good kid. Talented, too.

I love rhubarb pie. Seems to go over better when mixed with strawberries.
Thanks for checking in on me.
More off-blog stuff soon.

Jana said...

How wonderful! What I wouldn't give for one more visit with some of my older relatives who have passed on.

Mmm, rhubarb pie.

Suzanne R said...

What a wonderful visit for you and the kids!

I love rhubarb pie, but it is pretty tart. Funny story about your grandpa and the pie!

Lawanda said...

Awww! I love the pic :)

Jana said...

Thanks for your comment on my "secret" site. I explained more today.