oh me of little faith!

the other day when talking to my brother-in-law (who recently passed a few stones) about my upcoming lithotripsy and stone passing, he made a comment: "Well lets hope you pass them without any pain."

I'm thinking wtf? hello? didn't you just pass some? you don't pass them without any pain. so i say that to him without the wtf and the hello? part.

he responds: "well maybe some people have bigger tubes (ureter's) than others. to which I say, "a tube is a tube, dude they are all the same size. there's no small, medium and large."

AND, i say, "i've had a stint, which widened one of my tubes and i still laid on bed w/ a heating pad on 2 percocets even with the tiniest of flakes. I DON'T think i'll be passing them without pain!" and you could hear the AMEN ringing in my head.

Well.........this little guy, a 3mm is one of the biggest i've ever passed (remember i've only passed stones that have been blasted into smaller fragments first). I had a percocet @ the hospital around noon, and about 4:30 i surprisingly passed this little fella. i say surprisingly, because usually the percocet wears off about an hour before and i was thinking i didn't need to take more yet, because i wasn't having any pain, so the last thing i thought was that i would find a little gift. besides, with the last lithotripsy it took a few days to pass any.

what a pleasant surprise! and oh how right the dear b-i-l was to say it was possible. sometimes, in my attitude of hopelessness, i forget that good things are possible. clearly, i have no problem pointing this out to people who are TRYING to encourage me with thoughts and wishes of hope. i can be SO negative it's astounding.

so i'm happy, not just because i'm not too "stoned out" on pain pills, or because the hubby was so kind during and after the procedure, or that my parents had the kids overnight, or that i passed a stone so soon. i'm happy because something that should have been painful came easily to me, and i so need a few good things like this right now in my life. i need things to start pulling me out of my hopeless thinking into a thought pattern that contains a little more faith. perhaps it will come one immensely tiny stone @ a time.

and you know, besides wanting to show the family, you all, my kiddos (who get so excited too) but i called that dear b-i-l and told him he was right!!!!!!!!


Christine said...

love your blog, hilarious! congratulations on passing your stone. yaay!

Suzanne R said...

I very much enjoyed your funny write-up about passing the stone, but also your insights. I understand exactly where you are coming from, as you know, after my anxious weekend. It's such a relief to feel better! :-) I am so, so glad for you! May you continue to have these good results.

Writer Mom said...

Wow! This is so bizarre. Was visiting my in-laws on Sunday on the way home, and my poor father-in-law was passing a stone. His second since the fourth. Is there something going on?? Glad yours wasn't too painful.
And you're right. We could all stand to have more faith in the positive.
I'll work up the nerve to talk about last week. Thanks for being a good friend and checking in. It sure made me smile. So there's positive for ya!

CameraDawktor said...

oh thanks friends, christine, suzanne r, and writer mom.

that is funny about your father-in-law passing a stone sunday. see, we are kindred spirits, and i hope he had some good percocet to help him!

i passed one more 1mm stone or smaller and lots of dust. just goes to show how much these guys got blasted this time. had a migraine that went away quickly today and only took 2 pain pills for the stones. even my 10 year old remarked that it was going easier than last time, and so far it has. really, it could be much worse and i want to pass as much as possible, so i am willing for a little discomfort.

the children and i are watching a lot of movies as i had to lay down most of the day. i finally watched pirates of the carribean 1 and absolutely loved it. i even enjoyed the special features. we just got done watching the king and i.

thanks friends!

Grandma Jacki said...

Thank God you are so strong & willing to help yourself heal by finding help & doing what YOU can. Of course, better living through chemistry always helps!

Lee said...

that's great for you m'am...my dad used to get those and I remember how painful it seemed...I tend to expect the worst also, so it's a wonderful treat when things turn out good :) get some rest, love the farmer bob shot btw!

Gracie said...

Wow! That was quick! I'm ever so glad to know you passed it with minimal pain.

I've done it a couple of times, in fact, the last time I passed a stone, I wasn't even aware of it til it got caught in the tissue paper. Imagine? LOL Guess my tubes are stretched out nicely. ;)

CameraDawktor said...

it was quick, but i'm not done yet, passed a few more smaller stones since this post and lots of dust, those stones really got blasted up.

had back pain all day, but by tonight should see some more payoff for my efforts.

mysouth said...

I've not have to and I don't want to. God Bless you and congrats for going through it with minimal pain.I know someone who just went through that. Initially when the pain started she ignored it until about 8 months later,at work, she was cramping so bad she about fainted. I don't remember the goury details,but she is fine now, though i am glad to hear you are doing well =) It's nice to hear that you always have family around, that's always best to have.

Jana said...

Glad to hear things are coming out fine (oh, that was a terrible pun, wasn't it?)! I hope for a quick conclusion for all of this with as little pain as possible.

Did you also watch all the commentaries on Pirates 1? I loved Keira's comments throughout the movie - she's too cute.

CameraDawktor said...

jana, that's a great idea. i'll have to do that today if I have to go lay down again.

thanks friends for all the well wishes i'm still not done passing stones yet and there's a lot of just dust, 'cause they really blasted them this time.

i'll just continue to hang out, watch movies, pray that my kids will entertain themselves, lol! and hopefully i will get rid of as many as i can!