this is what a man looks like after eating too many coumpas on his sixty-first birthday

we had a great time the other night celebrating all of the july birthdays and the anniversary in my family. everyone loved the coumpa and my biggest joy is to hear my grandma grace brag how my coumpas are better than my uncle's! haha!!!!!!! i'm evil but that's my favorite part.

of course eating them is pretty fabulous too. but they don't keep long, so my daughter and i had leftovers yesterday for breakfast AND lunch, so i don't think i'll be needing to make coumpa again until christmas eve!!

today and tomorrow are supposed to be hot hot hot here. like over a hundred degrees. we are just not used to that in the Pacific Northwest! yesterday our neighbors invited us over to go swimming in their pool, which was lovely. i think i may take the children to my brother-in-law's to swim and eat lunch over there. the problem is the pool is a little too deep for them, so we'll have to dig out some life jackets. @ least they will have a way to cool off and they can play on the trampoline if they don't want to stay in the pool.

after looking @ some of the photos i've uploaded recently to flickr, i need to work on my tan!!

here's a slideshow of the birthday dinner: View slideshow


Jana said...

Swimming is definitely a necessity when it gets that hot! Have fun!

Tee said...

Happy Bday to your Papa! That photo is great. LOL. Thanks also for the coumpa recipe! :)