Baseball & Baby J.D.

Here's a few of my favorite baseball photos from Max-Ay's game last night.

Baby J.D. was here today. He sure is a yakker! He's a big pipsqueak. Man, that kid can make some noise. Here's his new toy so he can have fun having some tummy-time. His head is really getting lopsided because he always likes to look to his right. Funny kid!

This photo was in the portrait setting with a flash.

This photo was in the automatic setting without a flash.

This is why they invented the phrase Watch Dog!!

Here's a video of Mr. Squeakers in action. You might have to turn your speaker volume down when listening to his jibber-jabber! For some reason if the video doesn't work click this link instead
: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooQWsFxGvVk

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