Some Days We Are Reminded Just How Small Our Giant World Really Is.....

Yesterday the craziest thing happened. I was at my flick'r page and noticed my new contact Pumpkin Shell's latest photos she had uploaded.

They looked strangely familiar.

I clicked on her flick'r page and enjoyed her beautiful new photos. I noticed how close her children were to the giraffe. I had seen this before.....

I noticed all the saguaros so close together on the backside of a mountain. I had seen this before....

I noticed a beautiful saguaro next to an adobe-style house. I had seen this before too....

And then.

And then it happened. Just a small picture. A church steeple actually. That's when I knew. Without looking at the tags, without getting confirmation from "Life in the Pumpkin Shell." I knew that she had been to my most favorite and special place in the world.

A small town in Southern Arizona.

She had been to my Grandmothers church. And it was her Grandmother's church.

What a small world.....

A new friend whose Grandmother almost certainly knew mine. She sang in the choir and mine made giant dinners for every church function. The choir especially loved her and so when she passed away the day after Thanksgiving this year, the choir did something they almost never do. They sang at her memorial.

And I was there.

Many faces, many friends, many people that had become family in this small retirement town, came through the receiving line. Some shook hands, some hugged....and almost all brushed away tears. So many wonderful things to say about my Grammies, so many memories, good meals and laughs.

Did I meet Pumpkin Shell's Grandmother? Did we pass each other in the grocery store and share a smile?

I really don't know. But I am reminded about that place I love the most and the wonderful memories.

I am reminded that many of us are connected in some loose, distant way. And, just how special our Grandma's are. View my slideshow (below) that I made in remembrance and read the captions that explain the wonderful memories that came through a difficult time. Maybe you will sense my loving tears that flowed as I watched my creation or viewed Pumpkin Shell's photos.

But please, ENJOY!!! (And go hug your Grandma if you have one)....

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Writer Mom said...

Incredible. I'm trying to get my pictures up as fast as I can.
And I'll call Grandma tonight.
She'll love this story.

Going to look at your slideshow now. I'm sure it will bring tears and smiles.

I'm still in awe.
Life is pretty amazing.

Jana said...

Those are some wonderful photos. What a treasure!