Howard's Recipe & Photo Contest #2 Reminder

First of all, I have to say thanks to the people who have checked out my latest Blog. Some of you who have visited there may remember me referring to one of my Doctors w/ a funny term. I have edited that, but would still like to deliver on the promised story, just don't think I should post it on the WWW, as this would not be appropriate, especially if any of those recipes become some sort of cookbook! So, if you would like the story I was going to post, e-mail me @ cameradawktor@yahoo.com

Moving to the business of the day:
Howard over on thehowardblog, is a very nice bloke (hope that's a word for nice guy) who lives in Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom. That is a long ways away from me! Anyway, he has a great recipe on his blog, and even if you don't like recipes, it is quite funny! Go to his archives and look at his most recent post to see the picture that goes w/ the recipe.

Here's another reminder about the Photo Contest #2: Favorite Picture of your Spouse or Significant Other. Two early-birds have already submitted and posted their pictures on their blogs. You will have to explore my commenter's to figure it out or wait until Sunday, April 30th when the winner will be announced. Photo submissions by blog post have a deadline of midnight PST Thursday, April 28, 2006.

For photo contest rules go here:

Here's my photo submission. Here's why I like this photo so much!