Photos from Busy Saturday

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Our day on Saturday started off with a baseball game for Max-Ay. This is the first time he was ever gotten to wear the Catcher's gear. They don't do that in t-ball. So he really looked like a big kid here! Between Papa D and I, we took at least 180 photos of the game. So if you would like to see a few more of Max-Ay's game, go to

After, the game, it was home for 30 min. to download pictures and then off to Uncle Noonie's for some triple Birthday action.

Noonie's wife (haven't thought of a nickname for her yet) and her twin sister will be celebrating 30 years on May 1st. They celebrated with Noonie a little early on Saturday and had some of their out-of-town relatives over for a BBQ. I told Noon that now that I know he can BBQ so good, and just moved down the road, that we will have to hang out more often! I am looking forward to him cooking me some more grub!

I got this photo of his dog Bruno out the screen door. Notice how his eyes are different colors and how the screen makes a cool effect? I really like this shot.

Didn't I tell you he has "Sickle" Blood? During the party he realized that he's never given Meyers D a ride on the Harley, so he's gearing her up here. When the engine started (it is a Night Train) I started thinking that I should get a vide. Duh,....I have that feature on my camera. So took a little movie and now do you think I can find it anywhere on my computer?!

I hope it's not lost or accidentally delted. Yikes!

After the BBQ it was back to the ball field for some TSE baseball action. He was playing catcher too. Notice the lack of heavy gear?

What a ham-bone. I love this look on his face. If you notice other pictures I've posted of him, he gives me this look all of the time. It's his "Mama, I know you are lookin' at me and I love you" face.

I was thinking that I had told you about this cutie pie, but I had talked about her on my flickr page. Anyway, she's a cousin of one of our players. Her Daddy was big into baseball when he was growing up and she seems to be following in his footsteps. She also has an adorable grin when she thinks you are a Whacko but likes you anyway. Long story, search around for it on but it has to do with what she thinks about my hair! www.flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor

Next it was off to the most beautiful place in town to eat dinner. It looks out over the industrial area, which is sort of ugly, but its pretty with all the lights at night.

Anyway, the place was closed down when I was growing up but somebody opened it back up as a restaraunt. Usually the food is pretty good but it sucked on Saturday. That was a bummer. But we weren't there for the food....his (Papa D's) co-worker is retiring. So much of the office staff was there whooping it up for her.

Afterwards we went outside to hunt for the raccoons that had wandered by earlier. My honey wanted me to get some photos of them. I got this wonderful shot instead. I think it might be my new favorite of him now.

He is saying, "What are you doing that for?!" Maybe he doesn't think he is good subject matter, I happen to think differently!

Well yesterday there was nothing to post about. Just worked on editing over 300 photos from the day before. Some of which are over at www.flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor

And, potted some flowers that had been waiting for me for a month, cleaned house a little bit and fought of a migraine. Not too bad for a days' work!


Jana said...

Those are great pictures! The look on TSE's face is priceless!

Lawanda said...

"It's his "Mama, I know you are lookin' at me and I love you" face."


You always have such awesome pitures!

deputyswife said...

What great photos!!! Your kids are adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Sheri & SuZan said...

Geez, I thought I had a busy day. I love your pictures! Your blog is great! Thanks for stopping by our blog on SPF!

LZ Blogger said...

He looks like a PRO catcher here. The shots on Flickr are really cute too! Thx! ~ jb///