Two Front Teeth & Ice Cream for Dinner

Max-Ay lost one of his front teeth! The other one is loose and will be out soon. He sure was funny about it. His permanent two are already down quite a ways and we kept pestering him about getting that tooth out. He would fuss with it every now and then and insisted we not pull it out for him. It was all I could do to not yank it out when I was just "testing to see how loose it was."

I offered to tie a string around it and pull it out for him. I explained that this is how Poppy pulled my teeth out and that he told everyone stories about how he "lasooed" me, but alas, this was not enough to convine him.

I think that secretly, every kid really wants that tooth fairy money, wants mom or dad to pull it out but is too scared to admit it. Just in case I'm wrong, I try to keep my grubby hands off the
loose teeth unless they are invited!

All the tooth lasooing talk inspired this highly creative 7 year-old to do this:

Don't ask me where kids come up with some of this stuff. Maybe its the Fruit Loops I feed him for breakfast.

Anyway, don't tell your kids to try this at home, it doesn't work....what worked this time was an Uncle Noonie who asked for tooth pulling permission and didn't wait for an answer. There was a split second hesitation in Max-Ay's answer, which like I said, reveals his secret desire to have it out. He just wouldn't admit it, and Uncle Noonie knew that.

The rest of the day consisted of getting over my Dr. hang-ups, which didn't take me too long this time. Must be another sign that I'm getting mentally healthier. Also, Max-Ay took his Chopper over to Nate Dog's and spent the night. Meyers D got invited to spend the night somewhere too, it's Spring Break here.

And since it was just Papa D, T-S-E and me, we let the little guy choose
where to go out for dinner. He said Scoops, which is an ice cream shop. Now, this is Papa D's dream dinner-date, to have ice cream for dinner! We told T-S-E not to tell his sib's when they get home, but you are sure to bet what will be the first words to exit his mouth when they get home. Here are some pictures of our dinner, and sorry, the one of me is not so flattering. Almost prefer my "pain self-portraits" to this trashy shot!


Santhi said...

Icecream is my kind of Dinner. :):)
Wanted to know if you have checked www.namaste.com for indian spices???

CameraDawktor said...

No, I hadn't checked it out. Never checked back after I left a comment. Thanks for making sure I knew about the site. Appreciate that sooooo much!

Just looked and looks fantastic. Now I will plan a recipe or two I want to make and order what I need!

U R so sweet for doing that. Thanks! Happy Cooking!

NICK said...

I am huge fan of ice cream, in fact, I sort of wants some right now...

I will myspace it and see if anyone responds to that idea.

The picture of the tooth extraction, oh man oh man, I am just glad it wasn't a movie that showed the start to finish of the tooth being pulled.

CameraDawktor said...

You are as whimpy as my husband. He won't even wiggle them. And talk of blood and pain freaks him out!!!

Let me know what kind of ice cream you partake in. I had chocolate-peanut butter on a homemade waffle cone. TSE had bubblegum and PapaD strawberry and praline pecan. Yummo!

Trinity13 said...

My niece went months with a loose tooth...but if she would have let me get my hands on it, it would have been out in 5 secs! :-)

Btw, I love ice cream for dinner! It actually sounds like a great breakfast right about now.

Jana said...

Joshua has a loose tooth right now, but he wants to keep it for a while yet. We'll see how it goes. Caleb's first three loose teeth all had the new teeth coming in behind them and had to be pulled, whether he liked it or not!

Chuck said...

Ouch - that picture makes me cringe. Pulling at right angle, and moving the head, will cause a lot of hesitation and pain.

No, what you do is attach a string to a door, preferably one with mass. And you stand at a distance from the door. Then you swing the door shut.

If the string is well secured to the tooth, and the door has mass (which gives it momentum), the tooth will come out. You want a heavy door, not a hollow one of plywood.

You need to position the head so the string pulls the tooth straight down, and out of the mouth. Pull straight down, and quickly enough, with enough force, and the pain will be over in a second. And that's where the momentum of the door works.