Photo Contest #2 Announcement & Winner of Contest #1

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Meet the Judge, the infamous PtheClown, Master of "I Can Hear Your PAIN."

Thank You so much if you participated in my first ever Photo Contest #1: Favorite Picture of your Child. Here is my photo entry for Photo Contest #2. Keep reading to find out more details.

The winner of Photo Contest #1: Favorite Photo of Your Child, is the Ice Sculpture photo @ Dave's Pics of his son.

Dave posted three pictures and said to pick one. I picked the ice sculpture. Since he already has 2 links in my sidebar I will just have to keep visiting his blog and telling him how wonderful he is!

PtheClown '08 obviously liked it too, but he also had this to say about
DWJSDating?'s photo captions: But I must say my favorite caption of all is "Did we just start dating?"

And also, if you didn't participate this time, April's Photo Contest will be: Photo Contest #2/Favorite Photo of your Spouse or Significant Other. Deadline is midnight PST Thursday, April 28, 2006. Winner will be announced Sunday, April 30th.

Scroll all the way to the end of this post to see my entry of my hot/sexy Hiker-Man. This is the fella I fell in love with! For Rules and Info go here: http://troublealwayshasadoor.blogspot.com/2006/03/photo-contest-1-favorite-picture-of.html The topic is different, but rules are the same. Only one photo will be judged. If you post more than one I (CameraDawktor) will chose the photo and that is the one that will be entered. Hopefully the Great P won't be too busy campaigning to judge the next contest as well.

To check out the other entries which are all unique and quite fabulous, keep reading. Please, Please check them out please and leave comments for them.

Kev's Blog: P specifically said that he thought the Fall Leaves photo that is also in this post was totally ripper!

P really loved this photo, there were so many to choose from and this one is totally origional:

This little boy is so adorable, and his parents totally love him. Make sure you read the caption because its an awesome story of his life: http://joshuaraymond.blogspot.com/2006/03/baby-contest-usa.html

Mike Hess had a very thought provoking picture of his son here:

Jana posted a picture of each of her boys. My favorite was her last one, check it out:

Here are P's words for you all, and don't think it's just a lot of political BS to make you vote for him in '08:
All of these photos were very creative and wonderful. I encourage all the photographers in this contest to continue on, Your work is great! And always remember for us as artists, the joy is in the process!

Seriously, on a somber note: I really owe all my blogging-ness to PtheClown. His day job is a
rock'n sheetrock expert. He came over to the "7th Dimension" and inspired me by his ability to find Art in the Everyday, as I call it. For the first time, I picked up my camera and started taking pictures of random stuff....and my brain went flying! I started having so much fun that I wanted to share my artwork. But who cared? So I started this blog. Even though I had never read a blog and had no clue about html crap, I started one. So thanks my big PP! Woops, that sounds raunch!
PtheClown is one of my two Big Brothers I have adopted. He is such a great, caring person. Extremely intelligent and thoughtful, easy to talk to, and you don't just talk to P about the weather. It's life....faith...family...and Survivor and American Idol! This guy is a rock star. He's toured with two bands and has seen a lot of the world. But, he would lay everything down....fame/fortune/etcetera/etcetera for his integrity, two little funny-faced clown girls and their Mama. Truly an inspiration. Please check 3 links in the sidebar: 2 for ptheclown and 1 for Albert Art.com

The three following pictures involve his next creative project, which he promises to "link me up to" as soon as they're on the web: so stay tuned.

2 Photo Caption: "I HEAR YOUR PAIN!" -ptheclown '08


Donnak said...

Love the photos! I was late in my entry because I honestly did forget about it. That's what I get for not checking in more often. That WON'T happen again. I still posted my favorite photo of my girls so check it out if you have time. :)

alison koh said...

congrats dave for winning! and congrats cameradawktor for the success of your contest. i didn't qualify for the #1 contest, i'll definately enter #2 - fav photo of spouse. i have a photo in mind to enter, but have to wait after dinner to do some photoshop stuff before i post it in my blog.

Karen said...

That is one good-looking man you fell in love with there (almost, but not quite, as good-looking as the man I fell in love with -- *wink*). Great photo!

I just want to thank you for doing this contest, and congratulate Dave for winning. (I did on his blog, but now here too.)

I already have a picture in mind for your second contest.

CameraDawktor said...

Donna K-
Better late than never! Good entry! Are you going to play again?

Alison Koh-
I am so glad that you are going to participate next time. Early bird gets the worm.

O.K., you are person #2 that says they will particpate. I'll have to update that page, didn't say when submissions had to be in by.

So you think your Honey is cuter than mine?! We'll see about THAT baby!!!!!

Karen said...

Well, I didn't exactly say that. What I meant was, as far as my husband is concerned, I think he's better looking than your husband. So it's a subjective thing. Objectively, I'm not saying anything...

CameraDawktor said...

I'm just jokin' friend....I tend to be a little sarcastic sometime. That's the funny thing about blog stuff, you hear the words but don't see the grin on the face!!

Anyway, now I want to see what your hubby looks like!!!!!!!

Misty said...

Hey CD,
I stopped by to check out your blog to return the favor. I'm curious how you ran across mine? You are my 1st commenter that I do not know in some way. I'm relatively new to the blogging world and somewhat longwinded. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be checking in with you. I may participate in your next contest if I can dig up a good pic of dh.

CameraDawktor said...

Sometimes when I am feeling lonely I do Next Blog random blog searches. I liked your post because your not afraid to let your kids mess up the living room and my Mommy let me do that. Also, that's REAL and I like real people. So....I hope you will participate w/ the photo of hubby and come back!

DWJSDating? said...

I couldn't type a comment through my tears . . . maybe next time - LOL!