BTFF: Spending Time with my Poppy

Sometimes in life you have to make the time to sit back and look at some good times that your brain has just decided to leave out of its memory bank. Pictures are a capturing of a mili-second of time, a time that was REAL, an event that HAPPENED.

I was editing some of the old slides my Poppy had scanned a few years back and found there were quite a few of just me and my Dad. In most all of them I am smiling and in all of them he has stopped his busy-ness just long enough to "kick-back" with me.

A part of me smiled each time I came across one and I enjoyed the feeling of peace and contentedness that it brought my heart as I discovered each one. There are many more slides to be edited, and as I do I will choose ones to put up, but this is what I found for now.

Poppy and I @ our dining room table. We had this table and chair set until I was in High School. The chairs were gold and made of a plasticky material. I'm not sure what I'm smiling about but it looks like we were talking about something and I must have been about 3 or 4 years old.

Like the avacado green cabinets? Totally 70's. This is about 1974 and we're either having a glass of Pepsi or grape juice. Looking @ this, I seem to remember sitting on the floor to drink a lot. We had a carpeted dining room so my Mom probably didn't want us carrying our cups out there. HEY- this was before sippy cups! I'm not sure what is up with my Dad's socks, he must have just come in from working outside.

Here's Poppies feeding me something...his hair is messy so he must have been sharing his breakfast. I think this is very sweet and like how I am looking at him instead of the spoon. And I so remember those bowls, they were so funky!

Woah, I just clicked on the feeding and drinking pictures to see them in a larger size. I cannot believe how much TSE looks like me. Scroll back through some of my older posts and I'm sure you'll see it. Quite freaky!

I really don't remember ever sitting with my Poppy on the couch to watch T.V. My Mamasita usually sat there and he in the recliner. Anyway, we're all kicking back together on this day with my first-ever girlfriend and neigbor, Alison Hyatt sitting at the end of the couch.
We've got a group hug going on here. In order L to R are Noonie, Poppy, Golden and myself. Golden was another girlfriend and neighbor girl. I just loved her name, Golden. She really was golden too. Her hair was golden with long, natural ringlet curls that would curl around your fingers. And her tan was amazing! She'd get this yummy-perfect marshmallow brown color. I think that's the perfect tanning color. If you click on this picture and make it larger you can see what an adorable, beautiful skinned little girl she was. I love Noonie's pants in this pic too!


Jana said...

Wow, what wonderful pictures, and wonderful memories to go with them!

I am hoping to get copies of all the old photos my parents have scanned. There is something almost magic about the time before video cameras, when you have to rely on your memory.

Lawanda said...

I love your pics f you and your dad! What special memories! I love looking through my mom's old pics...I go and get out each box and look through them all. It takes forever, but I love it. I have some pics with my dad too that are sweet. Wish I had a working scanner!

Lawanda said...

(I should have edited more carefully, sorry!)

alison koh said...

all i can say is "aawwww..."
just "aawwww...." *dreamy smile*