Winner of Photo Contest #2

And the winner is.....

April's contest topic was to post your Favorite Photo of your Spouse/Significant Other. I had 3 entries and they all posted their photos and linked back to me very early in the month.

PtheClown (www.ptheclown.com)

as the Crankie Director was our celebrity judge and he had this to say about Dustin Fenstermacher's totally fabulous photo of his girlfriend: "Cameradawktor... I just love JumpJump you know the human hummingbird shot, even though i am a crankie director i still can see the beauty in nature and the evolutionary change of events, i know i know this is all just speculation but this photo shows how we humans might just evolve into a higher thinking form of humming bird. Wait! it is all making much more sence i can see more clearly now about this evolutionary chain if events coffee, humans, hummingbird, Epiphany! YEEEEEEERACTION AND CUT!" -The Crankie Director.

Dustin's photo link is here:
Dustin's web page link is here:

My good friend Alison Koh also posted a fabulous black and white shot of her photoblogging husband Levin. Go see her photo here:

Master Photoblogger Karen posted this silly shot of her hubby on their wedding day. Check it out:

I am still trying to decide the topic for Contest #3, so that is TBA. Thanks you 3 for playing and to everyone else out there, I hope you play in May for Contest #3.


Donnak said...

How cool! I dropped the ball on this one - but my (hopefully) acceptable excuse has been blogged about. :)

Come by and see me when you get a chance. I will try to do better for the May photo contest.

alison koh said...

yay! congrats to dustin! yeah... that picture is super dreamy cool! and i love green!

Grandma J said...

All great photos of spouses. Kudos to all your entries.

LZ Blogger said...

How could I have LOST THIS CONTEST??? .... Oh that's right I didn't enter! ~ But the ones who did were very nice the lady jumping with the green background was VERY unique! ~ jb///