BTFF: Past Trips to Arizona

Here's this week's Back to the Future Friday post. I am again suspending NZ photos to enjoy remembering my Grammies.

Wednesday's post tells the story of how I realized that Life in the Pumpkin Shell's Grandma goes to my Grandparents' same church! I am still waiting on the update to hear if they actually knew/know (some of them have passed away) each other.

It's been great remembering all my past trips to GV as well as comparing notes with

Please check out these photos and go to my flickr page to read the descriptions I've written for the photos. That's where you'll learn about all the good times I've had. And of course, if these raise questions, come back here and leave a comment and I'll answer them. Have fun exploring my photos and memories. Here are a couple:


Jana said...

You really have a great eye!

I thought you'd get a kick out of this: remember the video you posted with "chickenfritz?" Well, last night, the boys were in bed, and I was brushing my teeth, and I heard them doing your son's whole routine! They watched it so many times they memorized it!


CameraDawktor said...

You have got to be kidding me??!! I will have to tell him when he gets home from school. He will love that. Maybe it will inspire him to do another.