Doctor Visit Update and Doggie Hunt Video

As Nick [emery] just stated on his comment in the previous Dr. Visit post, "Sometimes Dr.'s can suck a duck." I'm sad to say, that's what happened today.

The good part is, my migraine went away right before I got there so I didn't need any type of pain shot. But I obviously still have an issue, and still need some answers. Also, I was hoping for a new percocet perscription, this time for the migraines and not for the kidney stones.

Anyway, this chick comes in (supposedly she's a Dr.) and seems interested, asking me what's helped in the past and what's not. She very quickly and readily agrees to the Percocet, which is nice. She then says, to take up the matter later with my regular physician. That he will follow up. As I'm not done, and still have plenty to talk about, I start telling her how that during my monthly cycle (sorry guys...) I have a terrible streak. That I need testing for my hormones, to see how they fluctuate and what best would address that, because clearly it is a HUGE factor and problem. She suggests birth control pills, which I may, at some point accept, but she's using it as a band-aid. I want to know WHAT THE H*c@! IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY. Find out what my body needs and give me that. The birth control is all trial and error I tell her, try this, if it doesn't work, try that.

She says hormones are hormones, they go up and down. DUHHHH! Did she learn anything in med school? It's to the degree that they shift at different times, how quickly they peak and how quickly they drop off that causes the problems. That's what I want to know about. She says only Naturopaths do that. She spends 4 minutes with me. 4 minutes. She repeats herself 5 times, take this matter up with your regular physician. She doesn't even have any encouragement or suggestions for things that could help me that I could discuss with my regular doctor.

I am fighting back the tears. Papa D speaks up and says that obviously my hormones are a problem because she should have seen how miserable I was yesterday. I don't remember what else he said, he was nice, but clearly upset. I appreciated that. She again says that some women experience worse migraines during their cycle. DUHHHH! She says this: "You came here for a percocet refill and I am giving you one."

Well then....isn't that fine and dandy. However lady, you who call yourself a Dr., I did not only come for a Percocet perscription. I came for 20 minutes of your time, not 4. That's what you schedule me for, that's what I expect. During that 20 minutes I would Hope that you would suggest a list of different things that I could try/check-out/think about before I discuss it later with my regular physician. I don't expect her to cure me, I don't expect her to take the place of my regular Dr., I do expect her to at least act like she cares.

The feeling I get over and over from the Dr.'s I've seen, even the Neurologist who I will never see again, is that they frick'n don't know why some people get so many migraines, don't know how to test for different types of migraines, don't know what medicines will work and what will not until you've become a human guinea pig and t ried all of them, endured all of their side-effects.

I was able to hold back the tears until I left the office. Then, as Papa D encouraged, I let them go. And I let them go at my parents house when we picked up the kids. Mamasita gave me a big hug because she saw I was hurting. And I appreciated that and received it from her because it was a very loving gesture.

So, I will visit the OBGYN and see if she will test my hormones, if not, it's money out-of-pocket for the Naturopath, but I think we're ready for that. Maybe with the money from the sale of our rental house we can afford that. Also, I'll see the regular physician who says he doesn't even know if what I have IS migraines.....yah, he really said that. Anyway, I'll see him despite his lack of knowledge of my condition. I'll give him a chance and see if he will send me to the headache clinic. They should know a thing or two there. In the meantime, I'll survive this monthly cycle. Enjoy my day today even though I feel a little hung-over from all the drugs. Appreciate my children's smiles and voices which I couldn't appreciate yesterday.

To start the fun and enjoyment, when I got home from the Dr.'s office, the neighbor called and someone lost their Beagle right as they were leaving for the airport for a week-long Spring Break Trip. What fun! A Beagle Hunt. We packed up a sack-full of frozen liver treats. Leashed up the Boxer as "doggie-sniffing bait" and set off down the street for the hunt. The neighbors had leftover Sloppy Joe meat, but Tucker liked the liver treats better. After 45 min. he was caught and is now in transport to Doggie Daycare for the week and the unhappy travelling family is being notified of the rescue. Our reward is happy children who still have a dog, and happy children who enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. Here's a retell video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk6AWAEq5UQ

Things are looking up already. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Your support, and even your prayers. I will climb this mountain of doubt and continue to Hope that one day someone somewhere will be able to help me improve my quality of life a little more than its been improved over the last 5 months. I really don't think that's asking too much. Again, thanks so much and I'll move on to happier subjects!!


DWJSDating? said...

Sometimes I think doctors suck! I hate it when they push you through like an assembly line - argh!

mysouth said...

Did you ask where the Doctor was from? I bet you she was from Georgia lol.I hate that, i mean, the other reason for going to the doctor is try and get some answers and some sort of encouragement etc. Lotsa hugs and prayers ~

p.s. i cant seem to work that video..I click on play and it shows: loading, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

CameraDawktor said...

I can't get it to work either. Click on the link right above it. At first, I only had the link there and thought no one might want to go to it. So I put up the defective picture just so people would think it might be cute and decide to try the link.

Donnak said...

LOL I was just going to comment that I can't get the video to work! haha

I'm so glad your headache is better (if that's what you really have - lol)! I was thinking about you all day yesterday but didn't make it over here.

You know, I think it wouldn't be so bad that the doctors don't know what's wrong if they would just admit that so you can move on to another doctor!

Talk to you soon!

Jana said...

Migraines suck. I "only" get them three or four times a month, but I know how it is. I don't think someone who doesn't get them can understand the agony. Anyway, glad you're feeling better and I hope you can get some answers!

CameraDawktor said...

As you know, 3 or 4 times a month is a lot too. I envy the people that get them once a year...i wish!

Do you take anything that helps? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Isn't hard missing out on family time, hearing the kids have fun, and know you can't participate. That makes my heart sad....

Always appreciate days like today, days "after" where I can enjoy and participate in life.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Always encouraging to know you are not alone....that's why I've tried to be so honest about my experience, hoping that something bad will be used for something good in someone else's life.

Donnak said...

Loved the video; you've got some real stars there. "I found him" "That's not true!" lol funny stuff here...

NICK said...

my friend CD,

I am sorry that I was 'prophetic' with my words about doctors...but it did thrill me to see you drop my name and link that sucker...woowho!!!

(Ahem: To everyone reading my comment, you should check out my blog...it may change your life. Probably not, but ya.)

I will not give out hope for healing. I really cannot and will not. I believe in God and I believe God is a God who heals, and I will pray that for you.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks! And even though your "prophetic" insight was right on, it still sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meyers D. said...

Hi!This is Meyers D! It was so fun trying to catch the dog.