Sickle Blood: What's That You Say?!

Happy Birthday to my little brother Noonie! He is 33. In between Baseball Games today and before a Retirement Dinner we have a party for Noonie and his wife. She and her identical twin sister are turning 30 on May First. So we are having lots of fun around here today. Did somebody say busy??

I was searching the archives and realized that my Father's side of the family has Sickle Blood. There aren't too many families that have it. But those who do know it. It's kind of like Huntin' Blood, Fishin' Blood. It's where brothers & sisters, dad's & uncles, about as far back as you can remember all have a love for things Motor"Sickle." I didn't need archival proof that we've got it but here's the pic.

This is my Aunt sitting on the back of a Sickle with my Great-Uncle. My Great-Grandma Bertha is holding his cap. How does he think that is going to stay on once he gets going? Curious.....

The photo was taken in the 1950's.

Here's proof again that the blood, Sickle Blood, flows black like the oil that feeds the engine. Black and strong 50 years later!

This is my little brother Noonie about 3 weeks after his 31st Birthday. He bought his-self a Harley. Do they call this a Night Train?? I think he looks pretty stylin.'

He also has off-road bikes and has just started racing on the Worcs Off-Road Racing circuit. His second race for the 30+ unclassified category in Honey Lake, CA got him 3rd place. We are really proud of him. This has been a life-long dream of his and its great to see him pursuing his passion. My Dad swears he won't go watch him race,

but in the next few months they will be having a race locally. We'll see if my Mama can drag him there. Don't get me wrong. It's not that Poppy doesn't support his kid, its just that in Poppy's Provider mind, Noonie's a Father and needs to keep his body in once piece so he can provide for his family. That's not a bad desire to have for your kids and grandkids, so don't get the wrong idea about Poppies.

Also, to make matters a little harder for Poppy, Noonie's friend broke his back and should've been unable to walk after crashing on a jump just down the road from my house. Because of his friend, Noonie makes sure he doesn't try to hot-dog-it and do jumps during a race that he's really unable to do yet. All the guys in his racing class are careful that way too. I can't wait to watch him ride. Of course I want to take pictures!! I don't have an SLR though so would have to try it w/ my Nikon point-and-shoot.

I was just telling Papa D the other day while the boys were spending the night @ Noonie's house, that I'm glad they get exposed to "Sickles" over there. The Dawktor Family does not have Sickle Blood and the only way my boys are going to tap into that side of their bloodline is to spend time with Uncle Noonie.

Max-Ay already learned to ride last summer. Noonie said he learned in 20 minutes and is a "natural." Maybe TSE will learn this summer.

More photos of the Birthday Boy.

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Lawanda said...

Hope you don't take this the wrong way, but your bro is a hottie on that harley! ;)

We got no sickle blood, and I hope to keep it that way...although my hubby would like to get a sickle! LOL