Another Blogger in the Family

During my first few days of blogging I sent out an e-mail to some of my relatives telling them to check it out. I wasn't really sure if any of them did because none of them e-mailed me about it....until today. I'd like to welcome my "little" cousin Kev to the blogging world. Go check him out. He has always been such a hillarious guy. This is the Kev of yesteryear. You can see how much I loved him...I am the little girl holding him in each picture. And he, obviously, is the littlest guy in each picture. I got reacquainted with him a few months ago when our Grammies passed away. We were both lucky enough to take a week to go see her after she got her diagnosis of Liver Cancer. They gave her two months and that's exactly what she had. So, Kev and I were there together in Green Valley, AZ for a few days. He was taking all kinds of pictures there and I used one he took of me for my profile. Then, we got to hang out again when we both went down for her funeral. Our Grammies adored us grandkids and was so happy that almost all of us (8) got to spend time with her and each other before she died. And because of this opportunity to reconnect, Kev and I can share our blogging lives with the world!!!!! Anyway, just check him out, especially if you like a good war story. Click on his name and it'll take you right there...but you knew that already didn't you?!

So tonight Papa D. announced that he wanted to treat the family to dinner out. I picked Los Pepes which took over La Playa's business because they had to close due to bankruptcy. It was the best Mexican food in town! So far, they've kept the same menu. Here are a couple pix from dinner taken by T-Sam-E and Meyers D.


alison koh said...

cool blog, i like the old old pictures, memories are so sweet aren't they?

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks for the comment, feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!!