Translation Please?


I thought this was so funny and noticed it as I was putting the soy sauce away after dinner tonight. My husband came in the kitchen and said, "Why are you taking a picture of the soy sauce?!!!?"

We were using the soy sauce on Thai Jasmine Rice. If you've ever wondered why the rice smells so good in an Asian restaraunt or at your Vietnamese neighbor's house while yours is bland and boring, now you know why. They use Jasmine Rice. That's the secret...but you didn't think you'd learn something new today now did you??!


CrabbyLou said...

Go see engrish.com . It will crack you up. Yes, that is spelled right.


Slaverre said...

Expiration, two years from when... tomorrow? HA, I know translation, I spend many month in rice paddy in south Vietnam. Translation say "Watch some curious American will want to know what translation is of funny writing on bottle." Hello Mar! Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe's. One of these days you will see pictures of em on my blog!