I wish I could say that my day's been as good as this picture, but it hasn't. Fighting about being late to church is not only stupid but a sure-fire day ruiner. Fortunately Papa D and I enjoy agreeing more than disagreeing, so the hatred usually doesn't last more than a partial day...I like him now and I think he can say the same about me. I mean, who wouldn't love this face:

Meyers has been following in my footsteps and enjoy photo editing on a kid-level. She has discovered a fun program to use called Funhouse. This is what she thinks about her dad & I's relationship:

I am DEFINITELY not a domestic goddess (although I sure do look good as one!) but I have learned from the original - Her Great Gramminess- R.I.P. And in her spirit I baked an awesome chicken tonight. Here's how I did it. **
Turn oven onto 475 degrees. Put a whole chicken in a clay bowl w/ a clay lid. Sprinkle w/ kosher salt, pepper and rosemary & thyme. Bake for 1hr. No more, no less. Chicken will turn out perfect and extremely juicey. Do not throw away the bones, they will be used for homemade chicken stock for soup, recipe to come @ a later date! Look @ Her Great Gramminess...passing on her craft to the 3rd generation...wouldn't she be proud of that nice yummy chicken?!!

**Chicken tip is from The Pampered Chef

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