Portland, Oregon

Went on a roadtrip tonight to Portland, Oregon. Papa D. and I had to pick up plumbing supplies for our bathroom remodel.

It was a beautiful day today which set the stage for one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. Took this on the way to Clackamas right before 6pm. I have not applied any editing program to the picture except cropping and getting rid of the road sign. This is the original color:

Cool, huh?! We ate dinner @ Fuji's in Clackamas where they make the dinner right in front of you. I call this picture Flamin' Onion. The next one is my latest self-portrait.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, we were in the big city yesterday, too! We went to Gresham and Tigard (all that way just to go to Storables!) for the most part, although we typically go to Clackamas. Love the pictures you got. Your dinner sounds good. Sadly, we went to Taco Bell. We were soooo tired and just wanted to get home!! Yikes, who would put plastic on your windows? Is that the new TP prank of the old days?! Bummer.

CrabbyLou said...

Platic wrap? But it loooks kind of cool. My big sister and I are going to Portland in March for a little shopping vacation. Can't wait.