Pretty Lame

Trouble Always Has A Door
A Blog about the Light on the way out of a Troubled Life….
No More Trouble, it’s time for Joy!!

About Me
Name: ”Light of Day”
Location: Somewhere Wet
In Washington

Pretty Lame
I know it might seem pretty lame to name this blog and my post signature w/ lyrics from a Bo Bice song. I’m really not into stuff like that, although I do think Bo is really hot! It’s just that – like my description of this blog says, I’ve found my way out of a troubled life. His song Hold Onto Me
Speaks so much to where I’ve been and what I believe. I was amazed to find a song that fits my life so well! So you’ll just have to get over the lameness of it all…….
Here are a few things I’m into:

  • My husband (it’s about time!)

  • My kids, 1 girl & 2 boys (I can finally give them my attention and feel joy and love when I look into their eyes.)

  • Friends that like to talk and “go deep”

  • Photography

  • A sunny day (they’re rare around here)

  • Cooking (my Grandma was the Best and taught me well, I miss her!)

  • Green Valley, AZ

  • Thinking
Here are a few things I’m not into:

  • Whinning (I only tolerate myself doing that!)

  • Temperatures above 90o F.

  • Every wall in the house being painted the same color

  • Barking dogs

  • Chihauhau’s

  • Cantalope

  • Being Irritable

  • Canned Soup
Signed: Light of Day

Pictures of the Day
Norman Behaving Himself @ School Norman After a Night Out

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