A Little Piece of Heaven

"Stairway to Heaven" by the Camera Dawktor
I know the title for this picture isn't incredibly original, but it makes me think of all the adventures children have in their imaginations. And, isn't that a little piece of heaven when you're just out playin' w/ your pals out in the woods?! I had so many adventures w/ the neighborhood kids. We didn't have woods, but we had bushes and grass and wood. A kid can make a fort out of anything if he really wants to.

"Love Shack" by the Camera Dawktor
The lighting this afternoon around 4pm was just lovely. I was at Noonie's house watching little J.D. He's moving soon, but hopefully some kid can play pirates, Smurfs or some other incredibly fun/transport-yourself-into-another-world kind of game here.

"Moss Green" by the Camera Dawktor
This picture is to prove that the excessive rain here hasn't been good for nothin'. I've done some special effects editing to it: additional lighting and watercolor effects.

"J.D.'s Siesta" by the Camera Dawktor
This is my little Pipsqueak of a nephew. He is such a sweet little boy and sooooo... ADORABLE. I got to babysit him again today. I say 'got' because when you don't have to wake in the middle-of-the-night and can give them back to 'Mama, then in my book its a privilege to babysit!

"Cuter Than Tigger"
J.D. was chattering up a storm after he had his nap, ate and got changed. He was getting bundled up to go outside on a photo shoot w/ me but his 'Mama got home. I like how his mouth is open in the same shape as Tigger's.

"Psychadelic Fern" by the Camera Dawktor

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