JD's Baby Shower

Yesterday afternoon Mamasita and I hosted a shower for baby JD and his Mom. It was great fun and she got lots of cute outfits. My favorite gift she recieved was from an ex-neighbor lady we had growing up. Noonie loves motorcycles so she made JD a quilt so he could dream about motorbikes. Cool, huh?!

Mamasita keeps her eyes open for good table decorating ideas and I really loved the flower arrangement idea she had. It's very simple. Just three glass baby bottles w/ a stem of fresia in each one. Tie a bow around it and fasten it with diaper pins! Sweet!!

The star-of-the-party slept most of the time like most babies do, so only two people got to hug on him. Sleepy boy....he is a cutie, isn't he?!

I call him Pipsqueak because he doesn't really cry, he squeaks. It's quite funny actually.

We played a few shower games. They were parts of a baby, who has the plate w/ baby's face on the underneath, raffle for bringing wipes or babyfood, and mommy picks a number (each present is assigned a # and the mom picks a #). We had Mamasita's homemade cookies and strawberries dipped in chocolate. We already had quite a few little items for prizes so the whole thing was very affordable. I made custom invitations w/ my Photoshop program. Fun times....

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