Back to the Future: Fock Who?!

Well I'm living a little dangerously now w/ a title like that! Here's part two of my New Zealand Trip. To read the first edition go to my previous post titled Back to the Future.
These pix are taken while staying with a lovely family in Waipukurau, New Zealand (Why-pook-oor-ow). The "I" family we'll call them were a young couple w/ a boy & a girl ages 10 & 8. Very fun people. They took me on a little road trip to the Whakarewarewa (Fa-kuh-where-a-where-a) Park. The place was beautiful but I think I liked it because I could go home and tell my Dad that he needed to go to Fock-Who. I knew it would raise his eyebrows and my little seventeen-year-old bad self thought I was being so funny. That's how dangerously I lived back then.
It was amazing to be by myself, away from home, in a sub-tropical paradise. For the two weeks I stayed with the "I" family I thought I could live there forever.

I had a lot of firsts in N.Z. First time getting drunk, first Pub visit, first midnight trip to the cemetary with beer/torch (flashlight)/two cute guys, first ugli fruit, first crumpets and Devonshire Tea. Also, first time making mixed drinks for Grandpa and first time betting at the horse races.
The best part about the whole trip, really, was that it was the first time as me/myself & I with the WORLD. I also had a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the place I live (somewhere wet in Washington) when I came back home. I also was able to appreciate my own family, my brother and parents, in a new way. I went from 'can't wait to move away from my hometown' to 'don't ever want to leave'. Funny how sometimes in life you find out that the grass isn't always greener...


Jamie Dawn said...

Very cute kids! That trip was an eye opener and a turning point in your life. It made you appreciate home.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep enjoying life & taking more pictures.

alison koh said...

it's my dream to visit new zealand, i hope one day i will be able to go there for holiday with my husband.