Family Resemablance?

Max-Ay & Papa D. were "Curious" today, to see if there was any family resemblance to squirrels. Papa D. always says the young'uns are squirreling around so we checked it out today @ a SW Washington cinema when a long-tongued squirrel was spotted. It has been said that "Lizard Tongue" a.k.a. Mamasita has a tongue long enough to touch her nose, but could it possibly be that her ancestry is traced to squirrels rather than lizards? We're in a quandry....you be the judge.
Here are Max-Ay & Meyers as compared to a very famous squirrel. Perhaps you've seen him in a movie.

Speaking of movies, we saw "Narnia" tonight. It was (as Big Al would say) Ripper! I love all the symbolism...the lampost as they enter Narnia (God created Light), Narnia itself (God's creation), Aslan (Jesus sheds blood for forgiveness), Peter (on this rock I will build my church), Father Christmas (God the Father) who gives gifts (resembling gifts of the Spirit, given each as he determines). I liked the rawness of the battle for the faith and the realness of the sacrifice. Most of all Lucy's childlike faith and Edmund's struggle w/ sin. In my mind, this is real Christianity and the essence of the Gospel w/ all the religious crap cut out. Good on 'ya C.S. Lewis.

I found some interesting Narnia sites if you want to check out more about the movie and the book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."





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